GS1 Company Prefix

GS1 Company Prefix is a global standard and your company’s unique number that identifies you as a trading partner among buyers and sellers worldwide.

By joining GS1, you automatically get a GS1 Company Prefix. The number gives you the opportunity to use all GS1 standards to identify, capture, and share your products, locations, and packages.

To scan products, you need a barcode with a number underneath. GS1 Company Prefix is part of that number in the barcodes from GS1. The prefix forms the basis for the unique numbers that help you create barcodes. Click on the video to learn more about how the prefix is used.

Video in Swedish.

Who uses GS1 Company Prefix?

Any company that needs to identify itself in the supply chain needs a prefix. And companies that work in global trade – both physical and digital, need to meet the demands of the outside world for unique identification.

GS1 Company prefix is used by many – from producer, supplier, distributor to store, wholesale and e-commerce etc. In Sweden, the prefixes are widely used in grocery retail, retail, pharmacy, marketplaces, foodservice, construction, engineering and healthcare.

The benefits of GS1 Company Prefix

GS1 Company Prefix gives you a future-proof digital language to start communicating in the global trade flow. Once you have acquired the prefix, the door opens to new possibilities such as;

Company Prefixes
  • doing business globally, in a language that 114 countries understand.
  • get a unique identification of your products, packages and locations.
  • digitize all your physical devices in the flow of goods and connect them to the ecosystem for global trading.
  • sell on marketplaces where unique identification is required.
  • traceability and safety since unique numbers do not collide.

… and you will also receive manuals, customer support and user driven development of the standard.

How GS1 Company Prefixes are used

Identify your business

You get a guaranteed unique prefix to identify your business in the global market. The prefix is built into your Number Sequences from GS1.

Identify products, locations, and packages

GS1 Company Prefix opens up the possibility of using all GS1-standards for identification. You can, for example, identify products, outer packaging, pallets, places, parties patients, coupons and much more.

See all standards for identification

Create sequences with unique numbers

When you obtain the GS1 Company Prefix, select a number sequence customized to your needs. The sequence is used to create unique numbers that identify, for example, your products.

The subscription for GS1 Company Prefix is based on your company’s latest annual turnover. If you only want to identify a single item, you can order a single number instead.

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