More efficient product information management in Validoo DataEntry

We are constantly working to develop and improve our products and services so that you as a user get help to succeed with your information management. Read more about the latest updates and what changes are taking place in our input system Validoo DataEntry in connection with the standard update 3.1.19.

Latest updates:

Smoother updating on several articles simultaneously with Excel Import

Excel Import is a new feature that helps you save time and streamline your administration. With three simple steps, you can now update trade item information for multiple products at once.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Export an Excel sheet from Validoo DataEntry with your trade item information
  2. Make your changes in Excel and save the file
  3. Upload the Excel sheet in Validoo DataEntry

This function is especially useful for you who, for example, want to correct or add more data for your trade items.

(Video in Swedish) Mischa from GS1 Sweden shows how you can easily update several products simultaneously with Excel Import in Validoo DataEntry.

Copy articles regardless of status

Copy trade items regardless of status

The copy function will now be more flexible and can, for example, be used to advantage to create different drafts that can be used as templates. The templates can then be used as a basis for products that share a large amount of similar information in many attributes.

New target market: Finland

In March, a new function was launched in Validoo DataEntry, which means that you can now choose to send your trade item information to the target market Finland and to Finnish recipients. The update is a result of GS1’s work for global harmonization for industries that want to share their product data with recipients in other countries.

Changes in Validoo DataEntry in connection to standard update 3.1.19

On May 21, there will be a large standard update of GDSN (Global Data Synchronization Network) which will have an impact on the trade items you have published in Validoo DataEntry. Among other things, the attributes regarding statements about “Free from” and “Diet type” will be replaced with new attributes. This means that if you have items with that type of information and have a need to resubmit your trade item information, you need to update these to the new attributes.

To facilitate the work for you, we will, where possible, automatically transfer the information in the expired attributes to the newcomers and create “Drafts”. We will not publish the new information automatically, but it is up to you as a user to handle the publication. If you do not want to use the drafts but want to work with the updates yourself, you can select the drafts and delete them. You can open the drafts and continue working with them if you want to make other adjustments.

We will, if possible, create “Drafts” for the trade item where information is filled in in the following attributes:

  • Packaging marked free from code (T4031)
  • Packaging marked diet allergen code (T4028)
  • Country of origin statement (T5038)

Please note that if you update information that has manual quality assurance, you will receive the status “Action Needed”.


Standard update 3.1.19
Data quality and global harmonization are two major customer benefits in connection with the update of GDSN to version 3.1.19.

Read more about the standard update >

Rules for quality assurance of trade item information
In connection with updating the standard, certain rules are also affected for you who manually check your trade item information at GS1 Sweden.

Affected rules for quality assurance of GS1 trade item information >

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