Global Individual Asset Identifier (GIAI)

GIAI (Global Individual Asset Identifier) is used to provide individual assets or inventories a unique number. The number makes it possible to track and store information about a specific asset and is used to number, for example, electricity meters, computers and mobile phones.

Who uses GIAI?

GIAI is used, for example, by companies in the transport, healthcare, IT and telecom industries and the oil industry. GIAI is awarded by the owner of the asset regardless of who manufactured it.

What is the benefit of GIAI?

When an inventory has a unique GIAI, it can be registered in different accounting systems.. In the systems, companies can record relevant information such as where it is, information about when repairs have been made and when maintenance has been carried out.


How is GIAI used?

GIAI can either be used only as a number but also encoded into a barcode. Common barcodes for GIAI are GS1-128 and GS1 DataMatrix,but also EPC/RFID.

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