Global Product Classification (GPC)

GPC (Global Product Classification) is a GS1 standard that classifies products by grouping them into categories. The standard helps those who do business globally to group products in the same way, everywhere in the world. This results in information that is clear and is immediately understandable.

The categories in GPC are based on the main characteristics of the products and their relationships with other products.

Who uses GPC?

Companies that use GPC are represented in almost all industries – grocery and retail industry, online marketplaces, technical industry, construction, healthcare, etc.

The standard covers everything from groceries to camping equipment, shoes, household appliances and toys. Buyers and sellers use GPC to coherently communicate reliable and structured information in their product flows.

The benefits of GPC

  • Gives buyers and sellers a common language for talking about their products
  • Improves product data accuracy
  • Speeds up the supply chain responsiveness to consumer needs
  • Simplifies reporting across product categories

How is GPC used?

GPC product class category is used within the product data network GDSN and GS1Trade Item Information . Classification makes it easier to search for and organize your products when you, for example, look at sales statistics.

Use the GPC Search tool on the GS1 global website to search for code values for product class. You can choose to search in the tool in Swedish.

Search for product codes in GPC Search

You produce an item’s product class by in turn selecting:

  1. Segments that are the overall grouping of product families.
  2. Family that is the group of related product categories.
  3. Class that is a group of items with the same use or function.
  4. Brick that is a group of items or services with the same characteristics.


Product class for vinegar is 10000051 because:


Segment – Food, Beverages and Tobacco Products: 50,000,000
Family – Spices and preservatives and extracts: 50170000
Class – Vinegar and cooking wines: 50171700
Brick – Vinegar: 10000051.

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