GS1 Global Data Model

GS1 Global Data Model

One product. One experience. Every channel.

The GS1 Global Data Model helps you leverage your product content for a seamless shopping experience across every channel.

By simplifying and harmonizing the exchange of product data around the world, the GS1 Global Data Model increases operational efficiency for brand owners and retailers and improves data accuracy and completeness for consumers. This in turn means increased data quality and an improved customer experience.

If this standard

Current version: GS1 Global Data Model v1.3.1 (May 2021)

Older version: GS1 Global Data Model v1.2 (Mar 2021)

Everyone needs better product data

Better product data quality with Global Data Model

Today, consumers, trading partners and regulators are demanding that companies deliver more and better product data than ever before.

At the same time, stakeholders in the world’s markets require different amounts of data to meet their respective unique needs. It creates a complex business environment, high costs and poor data quality overall.

Get your product information right

Benefits of Global Data Model

Improved consumer experience

  • Easier to search and find products online
  • Reduced need to return products due to errors and ambiguities when ordering
  • More new and unique products will be available earlier
  • More personalized offers and experiences

Increased efficiency of trade

  • Fewer resources needed to exchange data
  • Simplified data management, governance and quality control
  • Reduced costs for managing data problems
  • Maximized opportunities for advanced analytics

Customer case: Coop automates for higher data quality

How do I get started?

Implement Global Data Model

You can start by reading about pilot projects implemented to establish best practices for implementing the GS1 Global Data Model. Lessons learned from pilots demonstrate the need to invest in the right people, processes and technology. However, a positive return on these investments is expected as increased efficiency is expected to outweigh the initial one-off investment.

How to prepare