GS1 Global Data Model

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What is the GS1 Global Data Model?

The GS1 Global Data Model (GDM) is a data model used to harmonise and simplify the exchange of product data worldwide. GDM defines a consistent set of product attributes that increases operational efficiency between trading partners, for more accurate, complete and up-to-date product information.

This allows you to offer your consumers a seamless shopping experience across every channel using standardized trade item information. And more everyday efficiency for retailers and brand owners through faster and easier management of basic data.

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Everyone needs better product data

Consumers, trading partners and regulators are demanding that companies deliver more and better product data than ever before. At the same time, parties in the supply chain require different amounts of data to meet their unique needs. It creates a complex business environment, high costs and poor data quality overall.

To meet the requirements, GDM offers an internationally agreed standard that is adapted and harmonised with the data needs of all countries.

Who uses the GS1 Global Data Model?

The Global Data Model is used globally by companies around the world, making it easier to do business. The model is most often used in the CPG industry, alcoholic beverages and Foodservice.

GS1-artikelnummer (GTIN)
Brand Owners
Companies that need to exchange data about their trade items. Often suppliers of products.
Data receivers
Companies that receive data about trade items. Often retailers, wholesalers or e-tailers.
GTIN konsument
End-users of the product who need detailed product information.

Benefits for consumers and companies

  • Make it easier to find the right product online.

  • 5-10% reduction in returns driven by product data.

  • Help deliver personalized experiences and offers.

  • 30%-60% reduction in effort for data exchange.

  • Simplify data management and quality control.

  • Reduce the cost of mitigating data issues.

  • Maximise opportunities to leverage advanced analytics.

How GDM works

The GS1 Global Data Model clarifies data requirements across trading partners by defining the attributes needed to list and sell your product in a given market.

Defines product attributes in a clear, business-friendly manner
Standardises attributes required for product data exchange
Accounts for varying needs by category, region and location
Supports seamless, technology-agnostic data exchange

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