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Find out what is included in Validoo Q-lab Buyer and how to use the service.

About Validoo Q-lab Buyer

Validoo Q-lab Buyer is an optional add-on to the Validoo Buyer subscription that grants access to quality assured results of trade item information that complies with the GS1 standard. Trade item information and digital media assets are linked together using the product GTIN (GS1 Global Trade Item Number). Data is stored in Validoo data pool, which is connected to the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN), a worldwide network of GS1 data pools. Each performed quality assurance report is connected to a GTIN and stored in GS1 Sweden’s data pool Validoo.

What is included in Validoo Q-lab Buyer

  • Receive results of quality assurance for trade item information from suppliers ahead of product range revisions.
  • Monitor status and history of manual quality-assurance orders.
  • Per-product result summaries and information about which kind of product sample the result is based on (digital or physical sample).
  • Statistical reports on quality-assurance results.

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How it works

Recipients with a Validoo Q-lab Buyer agreement receive product data and images by activating subscription(s) to selected vendors’ GLNs. Subscriptions can be created for a supplier’s entire product range, part of a range, for selected product categories or for a specific trade item.

With each subscription the recipient requests selected trade item information from the supplier, and the subscription then automatically provides the recipient with trade item information and images. In addition, recipients with a Q-lab Buyer agreement will recieve quality assurance results for each subscribed GTIN once made available for the recipient.

The GS1 Sweden’s reference group for data quality decides which terms should be reviewed and are to be checked in the quality assurance service.

In connection with each new GDSN release, it is decided which of the new terms will be added to the quality assurance service. In general, data visible on the product is inspected as it can be checked with a physical product, or a digital sample. Terms can also be removed from the quality assurance service when the reference group feels that desired data quality has been achieved. When you subscribe to Validoo Q-lab Buyer you gain access to the quality assurance results in Validoo.

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Choose an option that suits you:

  1. Use the Validoo user interface to search for and download trade item information and/or digital media assets at consumer, retail, and pallet level and get access to quality assurance result reports.
  2. Integrate your internal system(s) with Validoo and get trade item information, digital media assets and receive quality assurance results in a standardized system-to-system flow.

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Receive quality-assured trade item information from Validoo

In GS1 Sweden’s quality assurance service, trade item information is quality-assured by comparing the trade item information to a production sample, prototype or original product that has been sent into our quality assurance service. The quality assurance service ensures that a series of trade item information attributes for the product sample agree with the product sample, and that the information follows the GS1 standard for trade item information. An example of quality assured terms are dimensions, weight, ingredients, and labels. The bar code and its readability is also checked.

For data recipients with the Validoo Q-lab Buyer subscription, the following applies:

  • Once a manual quality assurance has been performed, Validoo will send a status report to recipients that previously have received the trade item information.
  • The Validoo user interface grants recipients access to the latest quality-assurance results for GTINs they previously have received trade item information for.
  • In the Validoo user interface, data recipients can filter products based on their quality-assurance results.
  • Internal system(s) integrated with Validoo might display quality assurance results, and in various ways, exactly how and possible filtering options depends on the recipient’s internal system(s).

Requirements for Validoo Q-lab Buyer

  • Your company must be identified with a
  • Your company must accept two agreements, for the services
  • Your company must accept the GDSN Terms of participation.
  • Your company must comply with the terms and conditions and pay fees according to the applicable Validoo agreement(s).
  • If your company wishes to use an integrated system for receiving quality assurance results your system must be verified by GS1 Sweden. The verification assures that the system is technically capable of receiving the data in a correct and secure manner.
  • If your company wishes to use an integrated system for receiving quality assurance results your system must communicate with Validoo using a secure communication protocol that supports encryption and signing to ensure that no information is lost and that there is clear traceability in all transactions.
  • All Validoo Q-lab Buyer subscribers that wish to receive quality assurance results must create subscriptions within Validoo. Subscriptions can be created either for a supplier’s entire product range or for parts of it. Without active subscriptions, Validoo cannot and will not transmit any data – even if the supplier has published it directly to a specific buyer.

Terms and conditions

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