Service description for Validoo Buyer

Find out what is included in Validoo Buyer and how to use the service in practice.

About Validoo Buyer

Validoo Buyer is a subscription service for trade item information and quality-assured images that complies with the GS1 standard. Product trade item information and images are linked together using the product’s GTIN (GS1 Global Trade Item Number).

Here is what you get as a recipient

  • Information from suppliers in advance of product range revisions
  • Share trade item information at consumer, retail and pallet level
  • Data pool that allows you to receive information from other markets
  • Automatic validation that follows the GS1 standard for trade item information
  • Download or subscribe to product information and quality-assured images according to GS1 standards
  • Manage information and images for planograms
  • Web-based user interface

Other functions

  • Follow the history of received trade item information, who sent it and when
  • Statistical reports
  • Manage recipient-specific validation rules
  • Export data to Excel
  • Manage internal users

How it works

Subscribe to images and trade item information

Recipients of product data and images receive information by activating subscriptions to selected vendors’ GLNs and then requesting suppliers to send trade item information to them. A subscription means that Validoo automatically provides the recipients with images and trade item information. Subscriptions can be for a supplier’s entire range, part of a range or within chosen product categories.

When the supplier contacts the recipient, the recipient receives the information before the product is even launched. Validoo users can manually download or subscribe to images (market and planogram images) and trade item information.

Recipients get access to trade item information that the supplier has registered at consumer, retail and pallet level, as well as quality-assured product images from their suppliers, all in a single flow. Trade item information and images follow GS1 standards.

Choose an option that suits you:

  1. Use the Validoo interface to search for and download images and trade item information at consumer, retail and pallet level.
  2. Integrate your system with Validoo and get information and images in a customized flow. The system your company uses to receive trade item information must communicate with Validoo using a secure communication protocol.

Receiving trade item information from foreign suppliers

In addition to Swedish suppliers, recipients can also receive trade item information from foreign suppliers connected to other data pools within GDSN (Global Data Synchronization Network).


You identify your company with a GLN (GS1 Location Number) that you create using a GS1 Company Prefix that your company subscribes to from GS1 Sweden or from any other GS1 organization.

  • Your company must have a system for receiving trade item information, and the system must be verified by GS1 Sweden.
  • The system for sending trade item information must communicate with Validoo using a secure communication protocol
  • Your company must sign an agreement for Validoo Buyer.
  • Your company must comply with the terms and conditions and pay the fees according to the applicable Validoo agreement Validoo.
  • A company that wishes to receive trade item information must create subscriptions in Validoo. Subscriptions can be either for a supplier’s entire range or for parts of it. If, as a recipient, you have not created subscriptions, Validoo will not transmit trade item information to you – even if the supplier has published it directly to you.

Terms and conditions

Here you can see the conditions that apply to your service package.

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