Richer information about nonfood items

The next update of the Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN)provides new opportunities for you with a nonfood product range on the Swedish market. Just as the word suggests, nonfood is a category of items that are not food, but usually sold in grocery stores, online or in a marketplace.

GDSN will be updated on 7 November. The new version of the standard is called 3.1.14 and contains 17 new attributes, 5 new Swedish code lists, new validation rules and new code values.

See all updates in the upcoming GS1 Trade Item Information Guideline.

Example of nonfood items

  • glass and porcelain
  • plastic bowls
  • Videos
  • Games
  • Records
  • Screens

New opportunities in GDSN

New attributes for computers and media

Nonfood media category

New attributes are added for the media category that includes computers, tv, games, music, and movies. If you distribute this type of products, you will be able to enter new information about screen size and update frequency.

If you distribute games, videos and music, you will be able to inform about the genre your product belongs to, such as strategy games, action or romantic comedy.

Nonfood kitchen category

New attributes for kitchen supplies

There will be new attributes around nonfood products linked to the kitchen. For example, you will be able to enter data about the designer for a product range, surface layer for a frying pan and the number of servings (e.g. how many cups a coffee maker holds).

New attributes for packaging materials

Nonfood category packaging material

New attributes are introduced to allow you to enter more detailed information about packaging materials. For example, you will be able to fill in how much of the packaging surface is covered by the label. Another long-awaited innovation is that you will be able to enter the raw material for your packaging material, and fill in if the material is biological or recycled.

More information about packaging materials will be useful for you as a supplier in communication with the consumer, but also for the store when purchasing and monitoring sustainable assortments.

See what’s new

Trade Item Information guideline and all other documentation is up to date for the upcoming version of GDSN. You can read about the content of the update under upcoming specifications.

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