What are the maximum pallet height and maximum width for items that apply for recipient-specific rules?

In Packaging guide for groceries, published by ECR Sweden, there are recommendations for the maximum pallet height and maximum weight for consumer units, cases and pallets. The recommendations, or the recipient-specific rules, have been prepared to enable optimised road transport and storage in racks at distribution centres.

The recipient-specific rules are used by some buyers, but not others. If the buyer uses recipient-specific rules these are checked in Validoo Item on behalf of the buyer.

Within grocery retail the following recommendations apply:

  • Pallet height max 1250 mm
  • Pallet weight max 1 000 000 gram
  • Consumer unit weight max 15 000 gram
  • Case weight max 15 000 gram
  • Half pallet weight max 500 000 gram
  • 1/3-pallet weight max 334 000 gram
  • 1/4-pallet weight max 225 000 gram

Even if the buyer applies the recipient-specific rules, he can make exceptions, called dispensations, for certain types of item. It is the buyer who decides if he will permit a height in excess of the maximum pallet height or a weight over maximum weight. It is the buyer himself who issues and administers dispensations. Contact your buyer, therefore, to get a dispensation from the recipient-specific rules.