Terms for GDSN (Global Data Synchronisation Network)

International trade, GDSN

Validoo Item is connected to a global network of data pools, GDSN, for the synchronization of trade item information. This means that companies connected to Validoo Item can send and receive trade item information from companies in other countries.

How it works

The network GDSN (Global Data Synchronization Network) consists of a number of data pools in other countries that validate and synchronize trade item information in the same way as Validoo Item. GDSN also includes a global registry that keeps track of where information on each item is stored, i.e. which data pool a supplier is connected to.

Sending trade item information within GDSN

  1. Find out what data pool the trading company is connected to.
  2. Find out what terms in the trade item information the trading company needs and what, if any, validation rules or guidelines the trading company or data pool has that must be considered.
  3. Ensure that your system is capable of creating and managing information according to the recipient’s requirements.
  4. Ask the trading company when they can and prefer to receive trade item information from your company.

ReceiveTradeItem Information within GDSN

  1. Create a subscription for the relevant supplier in Validoo Item and export the subscription to the global registry in GDSN.
  2. Ask the supplier to send the trade item information to your company.

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