Global Model Number (GMN)

GMN (Global Model Number) is used to identify a product model or product family. With Global Model Number, you can uniquely identify a product model through the entire product life cycle from design to production, procurement, use, maintenance, and removal.

Who uses GMN?

GMN can be used on products sold in different versions but which are technically the same product, for example, the product may have a different color or size. Another area is medical equipment where GMN meets EU requirements according to EU Unique Device Identification (UDI) for identification and marking of medical devices and In-Vitro diagnostics.

What is the benefit of GMN?

Certain types of products require information to be shared with trading partners and other stakeholders, for example regulatory authorities, before the product is put into production. There may also be a need to launch different products based on the same technical product specification. Then there may be a need to group them under a same product family with a GMN.

How to use GMN

Initially, GMN is used to identify product models or product families and medical equipment according to two EU regulations – Medical Devices Regulation (MDR) AND In-Vitro Diagnostics Regulation (VDR).

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