Global Identification Number for Consignment (GINC)

GINC (Global ID Number for Consignments) is a GS1 shipping number used to identify goods that will be transported together. The shipping number is a unique global number that ensures that packages are not separated from each other during transport from one point to another.

The logistical units that will be transported together can be identified by GINC. This allows the forwarding agent to keep the units together as they are transported from one point to the next.

Who uses GINC?

Transport and logistics companies use GINC to identify a shipment, a logistic unit. Usually it is the forwarding agent who creates the shipping number, but sometimes the carrier or the freight consignor can be responsible for identifying the shipment with GINC, if they have agreed upon it with the forwarding agent.

They use GINC to create efficiency, safety and traceability in their logistics flows. The number is part of GS1’s global standards, a common global language, and is used to transport goods worldwide.

The benefits of GINC

When an item is numbered with GTIN, it receives a unique item number. There is no other item or an equal item from another supplier that has the same number. The same applies to GINC, but in transport and logistics. Then the number describes a specific group of packages, one shipment, that are transported together. The number keeps the packages together and the entire shipment will be sent to the right place.

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