Global Document Type Identifier (GDTI)

GDTI (Global Document Type Identifyer) is a GS1 document identity that is used to number a specific document type. You can also use GDTI to number a single document of a specific type by adding a serial number to the document identity.

The term “document” covers all official or private items giving rights or obligations. Examples of such items are proof of ownership, notification or summon for military service, driving license, diplomas, certificate and various types of commercial documents.

Who uses GDTI?

Companies in different industries use the document identity to number and identify trade documents, for example orders and invoice. In healthcare, the document identity is used, among other things, as a prescribing number and to number X-ray images. Authorities and institutes number important documents with GDTI.

Common to all users is that they need to be able to search, track and electronically archive documents and information securely.

The benefits of GDTI

When a document is numbered with GDTI, it gets a unique identity. So there is no other document with the same number. This way you can be sure that the right document is shared with the right recipient.

GDTI can be encoded into a barcode and read with a scanner. Information about the document is stored in an index and is searchable via the document identity. This way you can work against fraud and counterfeiting.

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