For the time being, we are not able to offer the service BarcodeCheck.

BarcodeCheck is our service to check the readability, content and quality of barcodes and to ensure that they comply with GS1 standards. If you follow the recommendations in the report after the check, you can be sure that the barcode will be readable in, for example, production, storage, in the store, in health care, or mobile apps.

Who uses BarcodeCheck?

BarcodeCheck is used by manufacturers and suppliers who want to make sure that a barcode works in all stages through out the process. Barcodes for products, packaging and parcels can be checked with BarcodeCheck.

The benefits of BarcodeCheck

A properly functioning barcode is a prerequisite for automatic flow of goods and information when shipping to and from storage. A readable barcode on a product makes it easier both for cashiers and for consumers who self-scan their products in the stores. An unreadable barcode can, however, result in longer queues when manual input at the checkout point is needed, which increases the risk of errors. Consumers don’t choose products that can’t be scanned and this may result in increased costs for producers due to packaging that needs to be reprinted.

In health care, an unreadable barcode can lead to lack in patient safety. When a barcode on, for example, a medicine can, intended for a particular patient, cannot be read, information must be entered manually into the medical records systems. Manual handling is both inefficient and also increases the risk of errors in input which reduces the safety for the patient.

How to order BarcodeCheck

  1. Log in to MyGS1 and enter your company’s contact information and information about the barcodes you want to get checked.
  2. Print the order confirmation and send it together with the physical barcodes that you want to get checked to: GS1 Sweden AB, Attn: BarcodeCheck, Box 1178, 111 91 Stockholm.
  3. Within ten working days from receiving the barcodes, we will send you a report with the results of the checks, descriptions of any errors and suggestions on how to correct the errors.
  4. The report is in Swedish, if you want it in English, specify that in the order.