Whitepaper: buildingSMART International and GS1

A new whitepaper is published with the title “Digitizing construction for better product exchange, identification, and transparency”. It is developed by buildingSMART International and GS1.

The purpose of the publication is to contribute to sustainable construction through a more digitized construction industry. This is the first in a series that will highlight use cases that demonstrate the possibilities of modern standards and technologies.

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Download “Digitizing construction for better product exchange, identification, and transparency”.

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The need for a sustainable construction process

With an increased focus on the need for sustainability, it is time to act now. The EU’s Green Deal promises to “boost the efficient use of resources by moving to a clean, circular economy and to restore biodiversity and cut pollution”.

– Sustainable construction is the true driver today, sometimes expressed as climate declared buildings in terms of CO2-footprint and circular economy in construction just to name a few. We believe the combination of bSI’s and GS1’s standards can address the challenges and look forward to working with the industry in producing use cases and ultimately real value and efficiency, says David Almroth, Global lead GS1 Center of Excellence Construction.

We look forward to working with the industry to produce use cases and ultimately real value and efficiency.

David Almroth, Global lead GS1 Center of Excellence Construction
David Almroth
David Almroth

Physically and digitally connected

Rapid technology development and large amounts of data provide new opportunities for cross-functional collaborations between industry players. And enables new ecosystems to emerge. By connecting the physical and digital, new business opportunities are created, and benefits for many industries.

The construction industry today is fragmented and a lack of digitalisation are hindering productivity. This is well documented and initiatives are under way to address these challenges. With insights into what digitalisation can enable, united forces are needed to tackle today’s and tomorrow’s challenges in a better way.

Many industries adopt global terms like “digital twins” that add new dimensions to how data is collected, managed, and optimized. New business models, improved processes and more efficient working methods will be the expected result. These terms drive a new generation of thinking – providing new opportunities to increase productivity, reduce waste and add new layers of transparency through digital supply chains.

Want to accelerate digitalization

At the moment, efforts and expertise are being combined at buildingSMART International and GS1 to accelerate digitalisation in the construction industry. The aim is to find integrated workflows across borders that cover the entire life cycle of the construction industry. By using the Global Trade Item Number identifier to unlock the GS1 system of standards, and openBIM data, the construction industry can gain great benefits.

The ultimate goal of the collaboration is to accelerate updates in digital technology, gain more transparency throughout the construction chain and better identify products and services with concrete results.

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