New decision on GTIN rules for the construction industry in Sweden

In April 2018, leading players in the construction industry presented an industry industry-wide decision to use GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) for construction products. The purpose of the decision was that all construction products should be identifiable with a unique article number that enables traceability throughout the construction process and during the entire life cycle of a building. There is now a proposal for GTIN rules adapted for the construction industry that can be used both in Sweden and globally.

User group Construction

The decision in 2018 led to GS1 Sweden together with the industry starting the User Group Construction , which works to develop, maintain and influence GS1 standards and processes for the construction industry at national and international level.

Within the framework of the user group, work has begun to coordinate the development projects required to adapt GTIN for the construction industry. The work includes proposing additions to the global regulations for GTIN so that these will work for the construction industry in Sweden.

GTIN rules for the construction industry

Lennart Skog, NCC

There is now a complete proposal that has been voted through unanimously in the user group and which has decided that the rules should be implemented in Sweden and that GS1 Sweden should work to ensure that the rules are adopted globally.

– This is a big step forward for the industry to be able to meet future legal requirements for traceability in the construction process. The construction industry takes joint responsibility for more efficient and smarter working methods and for a sustainable community building, says Lennart Skog, NCC .

The proposal for adapted GTIN rules for construction has been sent to GS1’s global organization with a request that the adapted rules be adopted in GS1’s global standards.

More information can be found on the page about User group Construction and on GS1 Sweden’s industry page for construction

About the GTIN group

The GTIN group is made up of the nationwide building contractors, construction trade associations, building material manufacturers and civil engineering.

The GTIN Management Rules working group has been led by Jan Boström, SundaHus. The group includes representatives of the nationwide building contractors, the building and hardware trades, the materials industries, the wood and carpentry industries, installation wholesalers and civil engineering.

Want to know more about GS1 standards for the construction industry? Contact David Almroth at GS1 Sweden.

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