GTIN for construction products to be introduced in 2022

GTIN for construction products
On 1 July 2022, the new GTIN requirement vill start apply.

GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) as a common identifier of construction products, will be introduced on the first of July 2022. The recommendation is backed by the nationwide construction contractors (NCC, Peab, Skanska, JM, Veidekke, Byggmaterialindustrierna, Byggmaterialhandlarna and BIM Alliance)

The recommendation was announced today in a press release from the industry leading construction companies. The background is a decision from 2018, when the industry agreed to use GTIN for identification of construction products.

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The decision enables traceability in the construction process as unique data can be linked to each product in the digital information flow.

It is now time for all companies to jointly take responsibility for traceability in the construction industry for a more efficient and sustainable urban development.

GTIN (Global Trade Item Number)

GTIN is a standardized trade item number used to give products a globally unique identity. With GTIN as a base, barcodes and 2D codes are created which can be read with a scanner.

The need for an active industry

The construction contractors have identified some important keys to success in the introduction of GTIN 2022. All parties in the industry now need to work actively to:

  • GTIN shall be operationally available in business relations and internal processes
  • producers and suppliers should always have GTIN on their construction products
  • comply with GTIN regulations and connect trade item information and data
  • assessment and certification companies and other product information database owners, use GTIN as a mandatory, quality-assured information and identifier
  • business and IT systems can manage and communicate GTIN

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Here you will find more information about GTIN for construction products, how to order and create unique numbers, regulations for GTIN and much more.

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