GS1 Sweden compliant with GS1 Global Data Model

GS1 Global Data Model
The GS1 Global Data Model is used to harmonize and streamline the exchange of product data worldwide.

Sweden is now one of seven countries that can handle the attributes included in the GS1 Global Data Model (GDM). This means increased harmonization and customer value for users.

Consumers, trading partners and regulators are demanding that companies deliver more and better product data than ever before. GS1 Global Data Model (GDM) is a data model used to harmonize and streamline the exchange of product data worldwide. The model can be applicable in different industry sectors such as Consumer Packaged Goods, Food service and Alcoholic beverages. Since the work with GDM started in the autumn of 2018, GS1 Sweden has worked to ensure that Swedish business needs are taken into account in the model.

The Swedish business requirements that have previously been developed have now received global approval and are documented according to a global template. This means that GS1 Sweden can handle all attributes included in GDM. The Swedish version of the data model is published and is available to international stakeholders on GS1’s global website .

Developing the global data model has really shown the strength of cross-border collaboration. It has not always been easy, but with harmonization and increased customer value as our guiding principles, we have agreed on a model for GS1 customers “world wide”.

Lena Grönlund, Product Manager

The benefits of the GS1 Global Data Model

The data model makes data requirements visible between trading parties by defining the attributes needed to list and sell your product in a selected market.

  • Make it easier to find the right product online.
  • 5-10% reduction in returns driven by product data.
  • Help deliver personalized experiences and offers.
  • 30%-60% reduction in effort for data exchange.
  • Simplify data management and quality control.
  • Reduce the cost of mitigating data issues.
  • Maximise opportunities to leverage advanced analytics.

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