Identify and label electrical installations

GS1 business relation numbers are called Global Service Relation Number (GSRN) and are used to number customer, business, or user relationships with unique business relation numbers. In Sweden, GSRN is used to number electrical installations (measuring points) and anti-theft markings.

Create GSRN and identify electrical installations

GS1 Sweden assigns the Swedish electricity network companies a GS1 company prefix that includes an industry-wide number. This makes it possible to use a shorter number for the plant or measurement point identity in, for example, oral communication. An electricity network company is assigned the company prefix 735999XXX, where XXX is unique to the company. The electricity network company then identifies its facilities itself.

GSRN consists of 18 digits that you create using a GS1 Company prefix, a serial number, and a check digit. To create GSRN for an electrical installation:

  1. Enter your GS1 Company prefix consisting of 6-9 digits.
  2. Give your device a Serial number. We recommend that you number the business relationships so that the first relationship is numbered “… 001”, the second relationship gets the number “… 002”, and so on. Please note that you must keep track of which serial numbers you use as this is not something that is registered with us.
  3. Finally, you should calculate and enter a check digit. The check digit cannot be determined for itself and must be calculated.

Label electrical installations

To mark an electrical system with GSRN, the barcode GS1-128 should be used. GS1-128 includes so-called application identifiers (AI). They describe the type of data element that is in the barcode. An application identifier consists of two to four digits and is printed in parentheses below the barcode along with the data element. The application identifier for GSRN is 8018.

If you want to print barcode labels yourself, you need a piece of software and an “on demand” printer. If you don’t have access to software or a printer, you can hire someone to do it for you, such as a packaging designer, advertising agency, or printing service.

Here is a list of barcode vendors who can help you.

Rules on the sale and transfer of facilities

The facilities retain their identity even if the ownership of the plant passes to another company. That is to say, if an electricity network company sells part of its electricity network, and thus a number of installations, the installations must retain the identities of the electricity grid sold. If an electricity network undertaking ceases to exist and is taken over entirely by another undertaking, the company prefix shall also be transferred to the new owner.

Storing the plant identity in a database

When storing the plant identity in a database, all gsrn digits shall be given, even if a shorter number is used for oral communication.

Note that the application identifier numbers should not be stored in databases along with the facility identity.

List of electricity network companies

When an electricity customer changes electricity supplier, it is important for the new electricity supplier to know which network company is responsible for the electricity plant where the switch will take place. Using the measurement point identity/plant identity (GSRN), you can find in the list below which network company is responsible for a specific electrical installation.

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