GTIN-13 consists of 13 digits, but in databases you should store the article number with 14 digits by adding the initial number “0”.

You create GTIN-13 by using a GS1 Company prefix, a serial number, and a check digit:

  • GS1 Company prefix consists of 6-9 digits depending on the size of the number series.
  • The serial number consists of 3-6 digits depending on the length of the company prefix. We recommend that you number the items so that the first item is numbered “… 001”, the second article gets the number “… 002”, and so on.
  • The check digit is calculated here.

To create GTIN-13 using a GS1 Enterprise prefix that has nine digits:

If the company prefix has fewer than nine digits, create the item number in the same way as above, but the serial number will consist of more than three digits.

A GTIN-13 and a Global Location Number (GLN) can consist of the same numbers, they are handled separately in databases.

When you subscribe to a GS1 Company Prefix from GS1 Sweden, the Generate Number service, which helps you to create GTINs, is included. The service provides the entire number, including the check digit. You can save your numbers by registering your products with the My Products function. Both tools are accessed via MyGS1.

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