Documentation for GDSN standard release 3.1.16 is now available

GDSN Release 3.1.16 will go live on Saturday, August 14th. The release includes updates to Swedish implementation of GS1 trade item information, among others:

Swedish Release Delta file

In addition to all documentation that GS1 normally publishes in connection with releases, a Swedish Release Delta file has also been published. The Release Delta file includes all content in the release that affects Swedish implementation of trade item information.

New guidelines for validation rules

Globally, GS1 has released new guidelines for writing validation rules and error messages, and as such the Swedish validation rule document has been updated taking into account those guidelines. The resulting updates are identified in the document as “Documentation-only”, do not affect the substance of the affected rules, and do not affect implementation. Affected rules are categorized as “CHANGE” in the document but have not received new version numbers.

New codes in T4073 Nutrient type code

Global changes to the standard in GDSN 3.1.16 also include the addition of some 1,000 new codes in code list T4073 Nutrient type, code. GS1 Sweden has elected to not add these codes to our Swedish code list, since they are not used in Swedish implementation. See the full list of codes in the global code list here

New help section for dangerous goods

Available now in the Trade Item Information Guideline is a help section on the topic of dangerous goods. The material is meant to support users by showing which types of information should be provided in trade item information in order to meet MSB’s requirements for handling transport of dangerous goods.

Updated documentation is available at

If you have questions about the release, please contact

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