News in Validoo DataEntry

We are constantly working to make Validoo DataEntry more user-friendly. We continuously add new features requested by our users to facilitate your work and improve the quality of your data.

New features and improvements

Mischa Danofsky, Product Owner at GS1 Sweden, shows you the news (Video in Swedish).

Simpler brand management

Now you can enter your trademarks in Validoo DataEntry through a code list. This makes it easier to choose the right brand for your products and minimizes the risk of misspellings, for example.

Checking rules while filling in

The new feature notifies you in real time how many attributes you need to fill in or update to minimize potential validation errors when publishing your data. The number of attributes that need to be filled in or updated can both decrease and increase depending on how you fill in your information.

Compare versions of trade item information

If you have a need to quickly identify updates you have made to your trade item information, you can access the ‘Preview’ button when you are in a hierarchy. You can quickly get an overview and compare previous versions of your trade item information with the latest published version.

Use Excel to modify or create new

To add or update a few attributes on several trade items at once, you can export an Excel file with your trade items. You can also choose to export all attributes of an trade item and use it as a template to import completely new trade items.

Initial ´0´ is no longer needed

When entering your Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) you no longer need to enter 14 digits, it is enough to enter the digits you see on the packaging. The system will automatically fill in with leading zeros so that there will always be a total of 14 digits in a GTIN.

We hope that these news will facilitate and streamline your work in Validoo DataEntry. Do not hesitate to contact our customer service for questions or input on our services. Contact details for customer services can be found here >

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