Updated Trade Item Information Guideline

More specific diet types and better traceability of fish

The trade item information guideline has been updated to follow the latest version of the GDSN standard (3.1.12). This time, the update contains several news for those who are a supplier of food with a specific diet type, fish or pharmacy products.

Subcategory of dietary types


From today you can be more specific about the diet type of your product. With the update of the standard, you can now also specify a diet subcategory.


A product that is lactose-ovovegetarian is listed as in the T4066 Diet type “vegetarian” and in the new attribute T4270 Diet type subcategory enter “lacto-ovo”.

This information makes it easier to categorize grocery stores on the web, which in turn makes it easier for the consumer to find the right item.

Easier to comply with EU traceability regulation

For fish deliveries, it will now be easier to comply with Regulation EC No 1224/2009 (traceability of fish).

In the new term T4280 Catch Area, you can now specify catch areas also for products that contain several varieties of fish or shellfish and are fished in different locations.

New attributes for the pharmacy industry

The update also includes new attributes as requested by the pharmacy industry. It is now possible, among other things, to indicate how a product is sterilized.

It is also possible to specify the target group of a product, such as a weight span, length, or age.

More information about GDSN release 3.1.12

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