Apotea streamlines its processes using GS1 standards

Apotea and GS1 Sweden have started a joint project to review how the implementation of GS1 standards can lead to increased efficiency at Apotea, but also for the industry as a whole. GS1 global standards enable companies to identify, capture and share unique information across their value chain. Something that is becoming increasingly important in the age of digitalization.

In the e-commerce industry, in which Apotea operates, the ability to communicate effectively and accurately about products is a major challenge. Digitisation, automated inventory management and growing e-commerce place increasing demands on accurate data. But by using GS1 standards, this challenge can be overcome.

GS1 standards are global and industry-neutral standards developed by GS1 Sweden in interaction with their customers in user groups. Thus, it is users who make proposals for the development of existing standards to improve the efficiency of the supply chain, contributing to a common business language. And with a common business language comes new opportunities and efficiencies, as Pär Svärdson, CEO and founder of Sweden’s largest online pharmacy Apotea, has come to realise.

– We believe that the cooperation will lead to simpler and more efficient flows and working methods for Apotea. We have invested a lot in new automation for our logistics, which also requires that we have correct data in the systems, and that is where we believe GS1 Sweden will be able to contribute. I am convinced that everyone, pharmacies, other e-retailers and suppliers alike, will benefit from joining GS1 standards,” says Pär Svärdson, CEO of Apotea.

By using GS1 standards, Apotea will initially be able to streamline its purchasing, delivery and invoice management. The goal for Apotea is to improve data quality in order to reduce the number of error handling hours and reduce manual handling.

The joint project is something that both Apotea and GS1 Sweden hope will lead to more companies seeing the value of a common business language.

Jonatan Tullberg, CEO GS1 Sweden

– We are very pleased with the cooperation with Apotea and it is also an important step for us in our mission to spread the use of GS1 standards, says Jonatan Tullberg, CEO of GS1 Sweden. What we are doing now creates opportunities not only for Apotea, but for everyone, regardless of industry or distribution stage. Being able to exchange qualitative data with each other using a common business language not only creates business value across the value chain, but is also essential for creating a circular economy. And the circular economy and sustainability is something that will be increasingly demanded in the future.

Making processes more efficient using GS1 standards is not just about improving business, it’s also a way to get better control of your own carbon footprint. And sustainability work is something that Apotea is actively working on.

– Apotea has high climate targets and through GS1 Sweden we can get information that can also help us in our climate work. With the help of GS1 Sweden, we will have more efficient purchasing and transport, as well as information on package sizes and packaging materials. We can also use the site to show which eco-labels products have and thus make it easier for the customer to make conscious choices,” says Pär Svärdson, CEO of Apotea.

Apotea’s and GS1 Sweden’s project to implement GS1 standards, both with Trade item information and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and pallet scanning on delivery, has started and will continue for some time.

For more information, please contact:

Pär Svärdson

Pär Svärdson
CEO, Apotea
Mail: par@apotea.se

Lena Coulibaly

Lena Coulibaly
Sector Manager E-Commerce, GS1 Sweden
Tel: +46 70 928 82 55
Mail: lena.coulibaly@gs1.se

About GS1 Sweden

GS1 is a global standards organisation, of which GS1 Sweden is one of 116 member organisations. We offer companies a common digital business language through unique identification, accurate capture and automatic data sharing for products, locations and other physical objects. Companies can use GS1 to improve efficiency, security, sustainability and traceability. GS1 is neutral, user-driven and a not-for-profit organization.

About Apotea

Apotea.se is Sweden’s largest online pharmacy. We have the largest range, over 24,000 over-the-counter products and almost 16,000 prescription medicines for humans and animals, and are Sweden’s most sustainable e-commerce according to the Sustainable Brand Index 2020 and 2021. With fast deliveries and advice via email, chat and phone, we make everyday life easier for our customers. Since its launch in 2011, sales have increased from around SEK 12 million to SEK 4.5 billion in 2021. Apotea.se has about 850 employees in Morgongåva and Stockholm.

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