New effective and user-friendly platform for Validoo services

To meet customer needs for time-efficient and user-friendly services, GS1 Sweden is launching a new future-proof IT platform for Validoo Item and MediaStore. High performance, better customer experience and stable operation are goals for rollout on 3 June 2019.

Industries that handle digital product information will soon be able to log into tomorrow’s Validoo with focus on time-saving and automated solutions that simplify the customers’ business and information flows.

Our customers demand speed, stability and simplicity when handling trade item information and images. Therefore, we have developed a high performing platform with modern architecture, better functionality and focus on user experience.

Henrik Lundin, Chief Technical Officer at GS1 Sweden
Henrik Lundin, CTO
Symbol for Validoo DataEntry

First launch already done

The first part of Validoo’s IT platform was rolled out in January 2019 when users of the Validoo DataEntry input system got a new and more powerful version. In the new user interface, the supplier can in a whole new way manage and review the trade item information for all levels in the supply chain. The service has received positive reviews from the users who can now create trade item information much faster than in the previous version

One modern interface – unlimited opportunities

The launch includes an upgraded version of Validoo Item and MediaStore services that help users quality assure, manage and share product information and images. With the new interface, a product databank is created that makes it easier for business partners to share information about products according to the GS1 standard which is the common business language.

We are proud and pleased to be able to offer our customers a modern service with smart, time-saving features that make information management easier than ever. In addition, the launch is just the beginning of our new venture. The plan is to continuously implement more value-adding features to our users.

Malin Gustavsson, Chief Product Officer at GS1 Sweden

This is the new Validoo

  • Centralised product databank for digital trade item information and images
  • Web-based user interface
  • Order system for quality assurance and image production
  • Automatic validation that follows the GS1 standard for trade item information and product images
  • GDSN data pool that enables information sharing to other markets
  • Functional interface design developed for and with the users
  • Simple and secure handling of product data
  • Safe system with high performance
  • Built-in control of data and images
  • Automation of work tasks
  • Modern and scalable IT architecture

UX design team
Developed in collaboration with Validoo’s users

Time-saving, effective and user-friendly

The new user interface gives suppliers better efficiency and control over their entire digital product range. On the other side of the fence there are retailers and other recipients who will save time with automated access to the suppliers’ product data and images.

The services have been designed to speed up the go-to-market process in product launches and several Validoo users have been involved in the testing phase to ensure function and user-friendliness.

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