GS1 Sweden supports innovations to fight covid-19

Over the weekend, more than 7,439 people took part in Hack the Crisis – a virtual hackathon aimed at developing digital innovations in the fight against covid-19 and its consequences. GS1 Sweden was a partner in the event and also contributed standard expertise to the participants.

Hack the Crisis was conducted as a digital event with participants from the public and private sectors, academics and citizens. The solutions that were taken were within the categories;

  • saving lives,
  • save communities,
  • save companies.

The main criterias for the solutions was that they must be realisable within two months, given the rapidly increasing negative effects of the pandemic.

Taking advantage of the collective innovation capacity that exists in our society to take on the challenges of the corona crisis feels both smart and important.

Malin Gustavsson, Chief Product Officer, GS1 Sweden
Malin Gustavsson

In total, the participants developed 530 innovative solutions designed to help healthcare, society and business through and after the corona crisis.

– For us, it was obvious to contribute as a partner to Hack the Crisis and support with our expertise in standards,” says Malin Gustavsson at GS1 Sweden.

The organizer of Hack the Crisis was DIGG (Authority for Digital Management) together with Hack for Sweden, OpenHack and on the initiative of the Swedish Government.

A hackathon is an event form where participants will for a limited time develop solutions to specific challenges. The focus is on digital creation and creativity.

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