Focus on GLN in new subscription

GS1 Sweden has released a new subscription that enable more users to meet new regulatory and market requirements. It is now possible to purchase a single GS1 location number (GLN) that allows identification of a party or location.

The international requirements for unique identification, data quality and traceability are increasing and GS1 standards and unique numbers are often included as part of the solution. One recent example is the new EU requirement on fish traceability, but requirements and regulations are increasing in many sectors such as grocery, construction, e-commerce and the public sector.

New subscription

In order to meet the markets needs, GS1 Sweden has launched One-off GLN which is a new type of subscription that contains only a single GLN number. This is because some types of companies only need a location number.

Examples of business types that need GLN:

  • Data recipients: EDI, etc.
  • Third-party logistics partners
  • Importers without self-manufactured items
  • Restaurants
  • Companies that need to meet legal requirements for traceability, but do not need GTINs

All parties in the supply chain can benefit from unique identification of more companies and locations with GLN as it increases efficiency, data quality, save time, helps you meet requirements and sets the foundation for traceability.

You can start using GLN by joining GS1 Sweden and then select the One-off GLN subscription type.

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