Sodastream is the world's leading brand for sparkling water. The products enable consumers to convert ordinary tap water into sparkling water with the touch of a button.
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Meet Tina von Schassen-Gabrielsson who works in HR at SodaStream Nordics AB. The company has the super markets and nonfood as customers and uses the Validoo service to get help with information management and quality assurance services. Here Tina tells us more about her working life.

Tell us more about SodaStream and your role at the company

Tina von Schassen-Gabrielsson
Tina von Schassen-Gabrielsson

“We sell SodaStream sparkling water machines combined with bottles, flavors and gas. Our goal is to drastically reduce the use of single-use plastic bottles.

My previous role at the company was as Sales & Marketing Coordinator, but recently I have moved to an HR position.

Who are your customers?

“Our larger customers include super market chains, such as Coop, ICA and Bergendahls. We also work with smaller grocery stores and companies within consumer electronics.

We attract consumers of all ages thanks to our complete range of Pepsi flavors such as ‘Pepsi Max’, ‘7up’ and ‘Mountin Dew’ as well as ‘Bubly Drops’ natural flavorings for water.

How do you use the Validoo DataEntry service from GS1 Sweden?

“We use Validoo DataEntry to register information about our food and nonfood items to Validoo and our centrally listed customers. But also to be able to work in accordance with ECR trade windows in case of relaunches and changes to existing products, as well as for quality assurance of the information.

What would you say are the main benefits of the service?

“The biggest advantage I would say is that I work towards a system when I enter Validoo Data Entry through my login to Validoo. Now I see the outcome directly and can easily follow up and adjust the information. Another advantage is that I can see all three levels of the product at the same time.

I have always received good help from GS1 Sweden’s customer service, and it is good that I can now use them as help for both Validoo and DataEntry. The service is easy to use and has a good visual presentation that appeals to me.

Last but not least; What’s your top advice for a fun workday?

“My best tip is to spread joy and positive energy. It’s hard to work with energy vampires. You don’t have to be a ray of sunshine all the time, but in the workplace it becomes more fun and effective with a positive attitude. One more thing is to not be pretentious, help and support each other. when you can.

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