Connect to a GDSN data pool

Does your company sell products and want to share product information synchronized to buyers in one or more markets around the world? Then you need to connect to a GS1-certified data pool in the world’s largest product data network Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN)   The information is shared in sync to buyers locally or to multiple markets around the world.

What is a data pool?

A data pool is a central storage place for data where trading partners can upload, maintain, and exchange information about products in a standardized format – a vital support for anyone involved in product launches, both on the seller and buyer side.

Suppliers and retailers can be connected to different data pools to share or receive product data — regardless of the market in which the retailer operates.


A supplier in Italy can choose GS1 Sweden’s data pool to send information about their products to Denmark. The supplier uses the same Global Trade Item number (GTIN) to send information about their product to different markets.

Select GDSN Data Pool

among the world’s data pools

You as a user are free to choose the data pools that best suit your needs. GS1 Sweden has its own data pool and connection to 25 data pools in the world. On the GS1 global website, you’ll find out which data pools are available and which recipients are connected to GDSN.

GS1 Sweden’s data pool

At GS1 Sweden, the data pool is called Validoo and enables the sharing of trade item information both inside and outside Sweden. Validoo also has services that help to quality assure trade item information and product images.

Get Validoo

To get started sending trade item information via Validoo, you need to do two things;

  1. get a subscription
  2. choose a system supplier

… for the input system that will register and send the information. You can choose to integrate your system directly with GS1 Sweden’s data pool or choose one of the GS1 verified systems available on the market.

Send product information within GDSN

for suppliers

  1. Find out which data pool your recipient is connected to.
  2. Contact GS1 Sweden’s customer service to verify that there is a connection between Validoo and the recipient’s data pool.
  3. Find out what specific terms in the information and what validation rules the recipient’s data pool requires.
  4. Check with your system provider and ensure that your GS1 verified system is capable of creating and managing information according to the recipient’s requirements.
  5. Come to an agreement with your recipient when they can receive information from your company.

Receive product information within GDSN

for recipients

  1. Create a subscription to your supplier in Validoo and export the subscription to the global registry in GDSN.
  2. Ask the supplier to send information to your company.
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