Application identifiers

Barcodes GS1-128, GS1 DataMatrix, Data Matrix with GS1 Digital Link, QR with GS1 Digital Link and GS1 DataBar use application identifiers (AI). They describe the type of information contained in the barcode. An application identifier consists of two to four digits and is printed in parentheses below the barcode along with the information it describes.

Using application identifiers, a barcode can contain different types of information:

  • GTIN (GS1 ItemNumber, Global Trade Item Number)
  • Date
  • Weight
  • Serial number
  • Lot/batch number
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All application identifiers

Here you will find a list of all application identifiers. The list is an excerpt from GS1 General Specifications.

All application identifiers (AI)

Common application identifiers

The table below shows a selection of commonly used application identifiers.

00 Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC)SSCC is used to identify the load on a logistic unit, for example a pallet.
01 GTIN (GS1 Item Number, Global Trade Item Number)AI (01) and GTIN for a logistic unit should be used on e.g. a pallet label to identify the unit when it is a orderable unit, such as an exposure pallet.
02GTIN (Global Trade Item Number GS1) for the child itemAI (02) and GTIN for the item contained should be used on a pallet lable to state the GTIN for the outer packaging on a pallet, namely a pallet were all of the outer packaging are of the same sort and therefor have the same GTIN. The number of items (outer packaging) must also be indicated on the pallet label using AI (37).
37Number of items The number of items is used on e.g. a pallet label to indicate how many outer packages there are on a logistic unit. In this case, the GTIN for the outer packaging must also be indicated with AI (02).
10Batch numberThe batch number can consist of up to 20 characters (numbers or letters). However, it is recommended that the batch number consists of as few characters as possible and preferably only numbers. If the batch number consists of only numbers, it should be an even number.
15Best Before Date Dates should be entered in the Format YYMMDD.
11Production date
13Packing date
17Expiry date
21Serial number
310xNet weightThe net weight is the weight of the item excluding the weight of the package/packaging in kg. The number of decimals in the net weight is given by using x.
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