T3794 Referenced trade item type code

Code value Name Description Used in Sweden
DEPENDENT_PROPRIETARY Dependent Proprietary Dependent trade items are Trade Items which may be required or which may be used in conjunction with the current trade item to make the current trade item functional. X
EQUIVALENT Equivalent A product which can be substituted for the trade item based on supplier- defined functional equivalence to the trade item.
ITEM_VARIANT_MASTER Item Variant Master Another trade item of which this trade item is a variant. Used when the trade item is a variant of a previously specified trade item for example a new flavour of an existing soft drink. This reference may be used when the trade item has identical package type, physical dimensions and brand name as the itemVariantMaster trade item. This attribute only creates a logical link to a similar product. It is not used to negate the need for sending all item information about this product. X
PREFERRED Preferred A GTIN identification assigned by the manufacturer for the purpose of grouping multiple versions of the same title (e.g. limited edition, etc.).
PRIMARY_ALTERNATIVE Primary Alternative A Trade Item that is similar to the current Trade Item but is not exact match. Same form fit function, e.g. same product different colour, different package size, better quality.
REPLACED Replaced Indicates the trade item identification of an item that is being permanently replaced by this trade item. X
REPLACED_BY Replaced By The trade item which permanently replaces the current trade item. This Trade Item is sent in the record for the original item that is being replaced. Not used in Sweden.
SUBSTITUTED Substituted The original trade item that is temporarily being replaced. This attribute is used with the replacement trade item.
SUBSTITUTED_BY Substituted By The trade item that is temporarily replacing the original GTIN. This attribute is used on the original trade item. X
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