T3788 Party role code

Code valueNameDescriptionUsed in Sweden
ACCEPTING_PARTYAccepting PartyParty accepting goods, products, services etc.
BILL_OF_LADING_RECIPIENTBill of Lading ReceipientParty to receive Bill of Lading.
BILL_TOBill ToParty which receives goods and invoice.
BRAND_OWNERBrand OwnerThe organisation that owns the specifications of the Party regardless of where and by whom it is manufactured is normally responsible for the allocation of the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN).
BREEDERBreederThe party which breeds the animal.
BROKER_AGENTBroker AgentA person who buys or sells for another entity without having title to the property.
BUYERBuyerParty to which merchandise are sold.
BUYERS_AGENT_REPRESENTATIVEBuyers Agent RepresentativeThird party who arranged the purchase of merchandise on behalf of the actual buyer.
CARRIERCarrierA company, which physically transports goods from one place to another.
CENTRAL_PAYMENT_SERVICECentral Payment ServiceMaster of the conveyance. A party providing central (or consolidated payment) services.
CHECKING_PARTYChecking PartyParty or contact designated on behalf of carrier or his agent to establish the actual figures for quantities, weight, volume and/or (cube) measurements of goods or containers which are to appear in the transport contract and on which charges will be based
CHEQUE_ORDERCheque OrderParty to which the cheque will be ordered, when different from the beneficiary.
CONSIGNEEConsigneeParty to which goods are consigned.
CONSOLIDATORConsolidatorParty consolidating various consignments, payments etc.
CONSUMERConsumerThe end user of a trade item or a service.
COOPERATIVECooperativeAn autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly owned and democratically controlled enterprise.X
CORPORATE_IDENTITYCorporate IdentityIdentity of the party to whom all other parties of the same commercial organization are linked.
CUSTOMSCustomsIdentification of customs authority relevant to the transaction or shipment.
CUSTOMS_BROKERCustoms BrokerParty responsible for the preparation of documents and/or electronic submissions, the calculation on behalf of the client of taxes, duties and excises, and facilitating communication between the importer/exporter and governmental authorities.
CUTTERCutterOne engaged in carving meat (In EANCOM as Meat Cutter).
DECLARANTS_AGENT_REPRESENTATIVEDeclarants Agent RepresentativeAny natural or legal person who makes a declaration to an official body on behalf of another natural or legal person, where legally permitted (CCC).
DELIVERY_PARTYDelivery PartyParty to which goods are delivered.
DESIGNERDesignerA Party who designs.
DESPATCH_PARTYDespatch PartyParty where goods are collected or taken over by the carrier.
DISTRIBUTORDistributorParty distributing goods, financial payments or documents.X
DOCK_DOORDock DoorA door or collection of doors where trucks or rail cars are loaded (shipping) or unloaded (receiving). Used to load or unload trade items for logistics.
EMPTY_EQUIPMENT_DESPATCH_PARTYEmpty Equipment Despatch PartyParty from whose premises empty equipment will be or has been despatched.
EMPTY_EQUIPMENT_RETURN_PARTYEmpty Equipment Return PartyParty to whose premises empty equipment will be or has been returned.
EQUIPMENT_OWNEREquipment OwnerOwner of equipment (container, etc.).
EXPORTERExporterParty who makes - or on whose behalf a Customs clearing agent or other authorized person makes - an export declaration. This may include a manufacturer, seller or other person. Within a Customs union, consignor may have the same meaning as exporter
FACTORFactrorA party that purchases financial receiving instruments e.g. invoices
FARMFarmLand used wholly or partly for agricultural production purposes, without having regard to title, legal form or size. It includes land rented, land owned and land being effectively used by the management under whatever type of other arrangement.X
FATTENERFattenerThe Party which fattens the animal.
FREIGHT_FORWARDERFreight ForwarderA person or firm that arranges for a pick up or deliver goods by a carrier on instructions of a shipper or consignee from or to a point by various necessary conveyances and common carriers.
GOODS_OWNERGoods OwnerThe party which owns the goods.
GROWERGrowerA party which is responsible for the growth or production of the unit specifically refers to vegetation. This organization may or may not be a producer or packer.X
HEAD_OFFICEHead OfficeThe executive or main office of an enterprise.
IMPORTERImporterParty who makes - or on whose behalf a Customs clearing agent or other authorized person makes - an import declaration. This may include a person who has possession of the goods or to whom the goods are consigned.
INFORMATION_PROVIDERInformation ProviderThe Party providing the information contained in the document.
INSURERInsurerA person or company offering insurance policies for premiums.
INTERMEDIARY_BANK_1Intermediary Bank 1A financial institution between the ordered bank and the beneficiary's bank.
INTERMEDIARY_BANK_2Intermediary Bank 2A financial institution between the ordered bank and the beneficiary's bank.
INVENTORY_CONTROLLERInventory ControlerTo specifically identify the party in charge of inventory control.
INVENTORY_REPORTING_PARTYInventory Reporting PartyParty reporting inventory information.
INVOICEEInvoiceeParty issuing an invoice.
ISSUER_OF_INVOICEIssuer of InvoiceParty which issues an invoice.
LOGISTICS_SERVICE_PROVIDERLogistics Service ProviderAn umbrella term for an entity, which provides a combination of many different logistics services for another entity.
MANUFACTURER_OF_GOODSManufacturer of GoodsParty who manufactures the goods.
MANUFACTURING_PLANTManufacturing PlantA physical location consisting of one or more buildings with facilities for manufacturing.X
MARK_FORMark ForThe ultimate destination of a unit load or transport package of goods where the Ship-To is a different location.
MESSAGE_FROMMessage FromParty where the message comes from.
MESSAGE_RECIPIENTMessage ReceipientParty receiving the message.
MINCERMincerOne engaged in the cutting or chopping of meat into very small pieces.
OPERATING_DIVISIONOperating DivisionAn entity that is part of another entity. For example, a Regional Marketing Office. Operating Divisions may have multiple days and times of operation.
OPERATOROperatorA person or persons who own or operate a business establishment, which services consumers directly. For example a restaurant owner as part of a chain or an independent operation.
ORDERING_PARTYOrdering PartyTo be used only if ordering party and buyer are not identical.
OWNER_OF_EQUIPMENTOwner of EquipmentParty who owns equipment.
OWNER_OF_MEANS_OF_TRANSPORTOwner of Means of TransportParty owning the means of transport. Not a synonym of carrier
PARTY_DECLARING_THE_VALUE_ADDED_TAXParty Declaring the Value Added TaxA code to identify the party who is responsible for declaring the Value Added Tax (VAT) on the sale of goods or services.
PARTY_FOR_WHOM_ITEM_IS_ULTIMATELY_INTENDEDParty For Whom Item is Ultimately IntendedParty for whom item is ultimately intended.
PARTY_RECEIVING_PRIVATE_DATAParty Receiving Private DataThe party who is allowed access to master data information by the data owner when the data is viewed as private.
PARTY_RECOVERING_THE_VALUE_ADDED_TAXParty Recovering the Value Added TaxA code to identify the party who is eligible to recover the Value Added Tax (VAT) on the sale of goods or services.
PARTY_TO_RECEIVE_ALL_DOCUMENTSParty to Receive All DocumentsA party which is named to be the recipient of all documents.
PARTY_TO_RECEIVE_COMMERCIAL_INVOICEParty To Receive Commercial invoiceParty to whom payment for a commercial invoice or bill should be remitted.
PARTY_TO_RECEIVE_ELECTRONIC_MEMO_OF_INVOICEParty to Receive Electronic Memo of the InvoiceParty being informed about invoice issue (via EDI).
PARTY_TO_RECEIVE_FREIGHT_BILLParty To Receive Freight BillParty to whom the freight bill should be sent.
PARTY_TO_RECEIVE_REFUNDParty To Receive RefundParty to whom a refund is given.
PAYEEPayeeParty, which receives payment.
PAYERPayerParty which initiates payment.
POINT_OF_SALEPoint of SaleRefers to the retail type checkout where bar code symbols are normally scanned.
PRICE_LOCATION_PARTYPrice Location PartyA party to which a price for a trade item is applicable. Within the context of GDSN Price Synchronization, it is also known as the ‘Price Location’ which is a GLN.
PROXYProxyA company that is selected by the Brand Owner to maintain their baseline attributes and Administrative Records in the GDSN.
PUBLIC_WAREHOUSEPublic WarehouseA building, or a part of one, where storage space is offered to other companies for compensation (fee), for the storage of their goods, merchandise, etc.
PURCHASE_ORDER_RECEIVERPurchase Order ReceiverThe party that receives the purchase order for the goods or services.
REGISTERED_AGENTRegistered AgentThe party having legal responsibility for the product in the target market for example a company to which market authorization has been issued.X
REMIT_TORemit ToParty to whom funds are directed for payment of a commercial invoice.
RETURNABLE_ASSET_SERVICE_CENTREReturnable Asset Service CentreThe location where a returnable asset is serviced.
SELLERSellerParty which sells products or services to a buyer.
SERVICE_PROVIDERService providerA party providing services for another party (e.g re- packing supplier’s products).X
SHIP_FROMShip FromParty from where goods will be or have been shipped.
SHIP_TOShip ToParty which receives goods and invoices.
SLAUGHTERERSlaughtererThe Party who has undertaken or will undertake a slaughter.
STOREStoreA physical entity that sells trade items to a consumer.
SUBSTITUTE_SUPPLIERSubstitute SupplierParty which may be in a position to supply products or services should the main usual supplier be unable to do so.
SUPPLIERSupplierA party that provides goods or services.
TRADE_ITEM_RETURN_LOCATIONTrade Item Return LocationA code to qualify the locations to which a retailer or wholesaler can send unsold product. Examples are expired product, damaged, reclamation or general product returns.
TRANSPORTATION_CARRIERTransportation CarrierParty undertaking or arranging transport of goods between named points.
VISITING_ADDRESSVisiting AddressAn enterprise’s physical location where guests are received during set working hours
WAREHOUSE_AND_OR_DEPOTWarehouse And Or DepotIndustrial department of a company equipped with appropriate equipment and fit-tings in which goods are stored in appropriate conditions.
WAREHOUSE_KEEPERWarehouse KeeperParty taking responsibility for goods entered into a warehouse.
WHOLESALERWholesalerSeller of articles, often in large quantities, to be retailed by others.