T3745 GHS Symbol description code

Code value Name Description Used in Sweden
CORROSION Corrosion Depicts corrosives to skin, eyes and/or metals. X
ENVIRONMENT Environment Tree and dead fish. Depicts hazards to the aquatic environment. X
EXCLAMATION_MARK Exclamation Mark Depicts other health hazards. X
EXPLODING_BOMB Exploding Bomb Depicts explosives and some self-reactives and/or organic peroxides. X
FLAME Flame Depicts flammable substances. X
FLAME_OVER_CIRCLE Flame Over Circle Depicts oxidizing gases, liquids or solids. X
GAS_CYLINDER Gas Cylinder Depicts gases under pressure X
HEALTH_HAZARD Health Hazard Depicts severe health hazards. X
NO_PICTOGRAM No Pictogram No Pictogram symbol is available. X
SKULL_AND_CROSSBONES Skull and Crossbones Depicts acute toxicity. X
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