T2241 Colour code list code

Code value Name Description Used in Sweden
1 National Retail Federation Standard Colour and Size Codes - This handbook provides guidelines for use in retailers' and vendors' merchandising and communications systems. X
2 PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM The definitive international reference for selecting, specifying, matching and controlling ink colours. The PANTONE formula guide, a three-guide set consisting of 1,114 solid PANTONE Colours on coated, uncoated and matte stock, shows corresponding printing ink formulas for each colour, and the three-book set of solid chips provides coated, uncoated and matte perforated tear-out chips that can be used for quality control. Pantone® Inc X
3 PANTONE Process Colour System® Provides a comprehensive palette of more than 3,000 colours achievable in four-color (CMYK) process printing. The PANTONE solid to process guide compares a solid PANTONE Colour to the closest possible match in CMYK four-color process that can be achieved on a computer monitor, output device or printing press. Other PANTONE Colour Reference Guides for the graphic arts include metallic, pastels, tints, duotones, film and foil. The PANTONE Hexachrome® Color System. Pantone® Inc X
4 The PANTONE Hexachrome® Color System A six-colour ultra high quality printing process, reproduces a dynamic range of more brilliant continuous-tone images and simulates brighter, more vivid colours than standard four-color process printing. Pantone® Inc X
5 PANTONE TEXTILE Colour System® A vital tool for designers in the apparel, home furnishings and interior design industries for selecting and specifying colour used in the manufacture of textiles and fashion. The System - consisting of 1,932 colours in cotton or paper format - is ideal for assembling creative palettes and conceptual colour schemes, and for providing colour communication and control in the manufacturing process. In January of 2001 Pantone Inc. included the NRF Colour Codes into the PANTONE TEXTILE Color System X
6 Assigned by buyer Colour system assigned by buyer. X
7 Assigned by seller Colour system assigned by supplier. X
8 WWS Waren Wirtschafts System: A colour code system used in Germany for the standardisation of colours within the fashion/apparel sector. X
9 RAL Farbsystem RAL colour system is an international colour standard for professional users of colours in industry, trade, architecture and design since 1927. RAL is an independent and neutral partner for industry and trade. http://www.ral.de. X
10 NCS Natural Colour System is a national standard for colour in Sweden, Norway, Spain and South Africa, has extensive international distribution. http://www.ncscolour.com X
11 IFPS The International Federation for Produce Standards. IFPS is composed of national produce associations from around the globe. The long term objective of the federation is to improve the supply chain efficiency of the fresh produce industry through developing, implementing and managing harmonized international standards. http://www.ifpsglobal.com/ProductIdentification.aspx
12 sRGB sRGB defines the chromaticities of the red, green, and blue primaries, the colours where one of the three channels is nonzero and the other two are zero. The gamut of chromaticities that can be represented in sRGB is the colour triangle defined by these primaries. As with any RGB colour space, for non-negative values of R, G, and B it is not possible to represent colours outside this triangle, which is well inside the range of colours visible to a human with normal trichromatic vision. sRGB is sometimes avoided by high-end print publishing professionals because its colour gamut is not big enough, especially in the blue-green colours, to include all the colours that can be reproduced in CMYK printing. X
13 Hex-Value Colour-hex gives information about colours including colour models (RGB, HSL, HSV and CMYK), Triadic colours, monochromatic colours and analogous colours calculated in colour page. Colour-hex.com also generates a simple css code for the selected colour. Common is the hexadecimal colour definition in six-digit form, that is, as a series of three hexadecimal numbers each written in two digits, according to the scheme: #RRGGBB. Reference for sample content: https://www.color-hex.com/
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