Guidelines for Mobile Ready Hero Images (MRHI)

Version C
Valid from 2020-12-15

1. Introduction

Validoo guidelines for product images aimed at small screens/mobile, so-called Mobile Ready Hero Images (MRHI) has been developed by Validoo Reference Group Media. It is based on the ongoing global work creating a general guideline for MRHI taking place in GS1 working group for MRHI. The reference group has also agreed that Validoo should check that the guidelines are followed and to help communicate them to Validoo’s users.

2. Purpose of document

The purpose of this document is to describe the guidelines for users of the Validoo service. Partly to clarify the type of images that are in demand and partly to support the production itself in image production. This document is intended to be used by Validoo’s customers in their communication with suppliers, partners, and others.

3. Extent

MRHI will be quality assured in the same way as other product images with field of application, Sales & Marketing in Validoo, i.e. the guidelines will be checked for MRHI images. Any feedback or denial of the images is made, if applicable, by respective recipients of the images.

4. Definition of MRHI

The definition for Mobile Ready Hero Images developed in GS1’s global working group also applies within the framework of image management in Validoo:

”A Mobile Ready Hero Image is a representation of a real physical product. The image may vary from a Packshot, although it should still contain the physical structure of the most important elements of the product’s design, colour and form, and therefore be possible to identify on a digital shelf. The image must include or be as closely associated with the key-information which consumers use within a decision of purchase and to be able to choose the correct products based on search results.”

5. Four attributes for identifying purposes

The four attributes agreed upon by both GS1’s global working group and Validoo’s reference group, which can be enhanced in the production of MRHI, are:

  • Brand name
  • Product type (Functional name e.g. Shampoo or Juice)
  • Variant (e.g. Dry hair or Orange)
  • Package size/contents (e.g. 500 gram or 20 pieces)
  • If necessary, an additional attribute can be used to enhance identification of the product when there is an additional Variant or Size. (Examples of these can be age span; 1 – 2 years, length or number of layers for toilet paper)

Note that it is sufficient that only one of these attributes is enhanced for it to be considered as an MRHI image, i.e. it is not mandatory to enhance all four attributes.

6. Representation of supporting elements and symbols

The images should be produced by amplifying the attributes and remove text which is not readable and/or redundant on a small screen. Keep in mind that the size of the image on a mobile screen can be compared to that of a US quarter.

The attributes should be amplified on-pack, and not through vignettes beside the product itself. If there is a need to show the content, it may be done for instance by removing the product’s cap. See examples below.

Multipack should preferably be amplified on-pack but may in certain cases work off-pack.


  • Preferred to be on-pack.
  • Symbols for accredited labels (eg Fairtrade, Organic, etc.) may not be enhanced nor added to the image unless it is not already on the front of the products package. Read more about accredited labels
  • Symbols to signal e.g. “New” must not occur. Exceptions are when the physical packaging has already this type of symbol printed, but the symbol must not be enhanced in the image.
  • It is OK to use symbols which shows/amplifies an attribute, e.g. number of washes

7. Identifying of images in file name/metadata

GS1’s global standard for product images is used to identify the image with the product (GTIN) and to distinguish different image types and angles for each image via the image’s metadata and/or file name.

Metadata, imageContent, file namePosition in filenameExplanation
GS1 item numberGTIN1-14
Still shot single
Still shot single with supporting elements
Still shot single, graphic rendering (CGI)

16Image type
No Plunge
In packaging
Out of packaging

Naming of Hero images when uploading to Validoo:

Image type: Product image with supporting elements (D)
Facing: Front (1)
Angle: No Plunge (N)
State: In package (1)

Example file name: GTIN_D1N1

The above information is always entered in the image metadata when the image is uploaded to Validoo. The most important letter is the Image type (D), which differentiates the image from a normal packshot ( C ) and State: In package (1) to distinguish it from Arranged images (0). Remember that the minimum size is 2400 pixels to be able to upload the images, as well as other rules for marketing images.

Version history

VersionModificationPrepared byDate
AFirst versionMischa Danofsky2018-04-25
BSecond versionMischa Danofsky2020-10-20
CThird version – Adjustment of text in section introduction and extent. Clarification of text in four possible attributes for identificationKarina Danielsson2020-12-15
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