Data is the most important asset of our time

Jonatan Tullberg, CEO of GS1 Sweden, reflects on his first six months at the company. He is also looking forward to this autumn when two important focus areas is data quality and data management.

Jonatan Tullberg
Jonatan Tullberg, CEO of GS1 Sweden

After six months on the new job, I still make daily discoveries of how global standards transform the way we work and live.

Last week I got my first vaccine shot against COVID-19. I was very impressed by the efficiency. In just seven minutes, I was done. Afterwards, when sat down to rest, I took the time to reflect on how many fundamental parts that contribute to a well-organized vaccination campaign.

Almost 40 million doses of vaccine are administered worldwide every day and nearly 3 billion vaccines have been managed until this date. Each product has a globally unique ID number and barcode from GS1. This creates the conditions to quickly locate and trace products down to the batch level – both forwards and backwards in the supply chain.

I feel proud that GS1 contributes to streamlined and increased safety – both for us as patients and for companies in the global supply chain.

Highlights from spring 2021

During the spring, GS1 Sweden continued our work to improve data quality and to streamline data management in our services. We have collaborated with a number of different industries who want to start using GS1 standards and services for identification, capturing and sharing.

Updated Quality Assurance Service in Validoo

Updated data quality service

In April, we launched an updated quality assurance service in our product data base Validoo. The aim was to make it easier to succeed with product data quality in the launch process. As a user, you can now work with digital product samples, resulting in less administration and reduced costs related to environmentally friendly transport of physical samples.

Shifting from barcodes to 2D codes

During the spring, the Swedish initiative 2D barcodes in the grocery industry conducted preliminary studies at various companies to explore the shift from 1D barcodes to 2D barcodes. The initiative is part of a global effort that will revolutionise commerce. Just like barcodes did 50 years ago.

Construction industry ready for GTIN

The construction industry in Sweden is now ready for implementation of Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) for all construction products. During the spring, the industry decided on adapted GTIN rules for the Swedish market and the next step is for the proposal to be adopted in GS1’s global standards.

An autumn in “the new normal”

Data is todays most important asset and is often mentioned as “the new oil”. During the autumn, we will continue to focus on product development for global data quality and data management. This means new opportunities for you as a user to create even more business value.

GS1 Sweden has nearly 14,000 customers and we understand that you, just like us, have been affected by the pandemic. I believe we have all been forced to digitalise and adapt to different extents. Now we look forward to a brighter autumn and a return to the “new normal”.

Our customers and users will have the opportunity to meet us both physically and digitally this autumn. For example, we have several exciting courses and seminars in our calendar. In near time there will be a webinar about GS1 Digital Link – a new GS1 standard that connect mobile shoppers with the product data they want and need.

Finally, me and the team at GS1 Sweden wish you a lovely summer. We look forward to welcoming you after the summer holidays!