Updates when ordering quality assurance

Upcoming update in Validoo on the 26th of February, 2020. Some improvements will be made when ordering quality assurance trade item information. We have also updated the quality assurance rules.

Upload digital print original on Prototype

Previously when quality assuring a prototype, you as a supplier had to send a printed copy of the artwork together with the physical sample for quality assurance of information printed on the product. Now it´s possible to upload a digital artwork or print original when placing an order for quality assurance of a prototype. This means that you don´t have to print your original and send the paper along with the product sample any more, instead you choose to upload file when placing the order.

This, for one thing, provides environmental benefits but also a higher level of precision when quality assuring the trade item information since the digital sample is clearer. We hope you, as a supplier, also finds it simpler and timesaving.

Simplified process when ordering quality assurance of product sample type ”Variant”

GS1 glass bottles made with CGI
Variant is used for items that are almost identical. For example, a drink with different flavours.

When placing an order, you as a supplier need to enter the GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) for the trade item you want to use as a Variant master. From now on this will not be needed because the system will find and use the GTIN straight from your trade item information. It is to be specified in T3793 Referenced trade item GTIN in the trade item information together with the code ”Variant master” in T3794 Referenced trade item type code.

“Variant” is used for items that are almost identical. For example, a drink with different flavors.

If there is no value specified for these two terms you won´t be able to complete the order. Don´t forget to double check that the trade item you are using as a variant master has an approved quality assurance result with sample type “Production sample”, issued 13:th of May 2016 or later.

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