GDSN standard updated to version 3.1.21

On Saturday, November 19, the GDSN standard was updated to version 3.1.21. Swedish implementaion of GS1 Trade Item Information has also been updated. Specific changes include:

– new attributes
new and updated code lists
– new and updated Swedish validation rules
– new and updated global validation rules
– updated error messages
– updated GPC

BMS ID in the BDS
The Business Document Specification has been supplemented with the BMS ID for each attribute. BMS ID (GS1 Business Message Identifier) is a globally unique attribute ID.

Disabled global validation rule
In connection with release 3.1.21, the global validation rule 1418 has been disabled because it contains an attribute that is no longer active in Sweden.

Updated documentation is available at

If you have questions about the release, please contact

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