Trade Item Information

GS1 Trade Item information is a solution for electronically exchanging information about items, for example measurements, weight, item numbers, and sustainability. By becoming a GS1 customer, you can easily get started identifying your items, marking them and sharing the information with your buyers.

Who uses GS1 Trade Item Information?

Trade item information is important for both buyer and supplier. The buyer needs get information about the item so that the order and delivery will be correct. The supplier wants to make sure that the item fits on the shelf and is exposed in a favorable way.

The benefits of GS1 Trade Item Information?

High data quality

By following the rules for GS1 Trade Information, the trade item information will match the actual item and both parties will always have the same information, which is a prerequisite for high data quality.

Global cooperations

Because GS1 Trade Item Information is used by companies all over the world, you can exchange trade item information with both your Swedish and international business partners. In Sweden we have a local application of GS1 Trade Item Information that is adapted to the requirements and needs of the Swedish market.

Easy to get started

GS1 Trade Item information was developed by the grocery trade more than 10 years ago, and is today used by all the major buyers in the industry and most of their suppliers. Because the business process is for items that are to be purchased and sold, it also works in many other industries.

Since GS1 Trade Item Information is used by so many, there are several ready-made systems and services for Trade Item Information on the Swedish market. The systems and services are suitable for both large and small companies, and both for buyers and suppliers.

Get started sending trade item information.

How is GS1 Trade Item Information used?

The contents of the trade item information often come from several different functions with the supplier, for example inventory, sales, or marketing. With GS1 Trade Item Information you have a tool that can be used to send all the information at the same time and in the same format, even if the information comes from different departments.

Are you a supplier and need to send trade item information?

Learn the basics in Guidelines for Trade Item Information.

Are you a developer and need to build or maintain a system used to send trade item information?

Then you need to, among other things, read the documents describing the structure and content of Trade Item Information, how systems interact with Validoo, and GDSN validation rules.

Here you will find documentation for system developers and system builders.

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