T4345 Formation type code

Code value Name Description Used in Sweden
BALL Ball A product formed or naturally the shape of a ball(s). Example: Cotton balls, bath ball, etc. X
BALM Balm A balm is a soothing substance with a consistency somewhere between solid and liquid. X
BAR Bar A rectangular solid piece or block of something. X
BATH_SALT Bath salt Bath salts are water-soluble, pulverized minerals that are added to water to be used for bathing. X
BEADS Beads Tiny beads or pearls that are designed to dissolve in water or by hot air that enables the product abilities to be performed. Examples: Clothes Freshener, Bath skin softener. X
BUTTER_COSMETICS Butter(Cosmetics) Butters are a class of materials that have a melting point between 20-40.5°C. Partial hydrogenation of soybean oil results in a waxy butter. Partial hydrogenation can result in formation of trans esters, due to the presence of the hydrogenation catalyst. X
CAPSULE Capsule A capsule is a shell or a container prepared from gelatin containing one or more medicinal and/or inert substances. X
CHEWING_GUM Chewing gum Chewing gum is a soft, cohesive substance designed in order to be chewed without being swallowed. X
CLAY Clay Clays are a soft, loose, earthy material mainly found in mineral clay deposits that lay on or just below the surface of the Earth. Clays have the ability to exfoliate, absorb excess oils, cleanse dirt and impurities and invigorate the skin. X
CONCENTRATE Concentrate Concentrates contain three times as much active ingredients as a cream, in the highest possible concentration. Through the high concentration of active substances they unfold their effects even in the deepest layers of the skin. X
COTTON_WOOL_BUD Cotton wool bud A cotton wool bud or swab is a short spindle with one or both ends coated with an absorbent cotton/wool padding. X
COTTON_WOOL_PAD Cotton wool pad Cotton wool pads are pads made of cotton which are used for medical or cosmetic purposes. X
COTTON_WOOL_PLEAT Cotton wool pleat Cotton wool pleat is made from cotton making it super soft and absorbent. Ideal for gently cleansing , skincare and beauty needs. The pleat is usually perforated. X
CREAM Cream This term is used to describe cream which contains equal parts water and oil. X
CRYSTAL Crystal Crystals are made of natural mineral salt called potassium alum , which has been shown to have antimicrobial properties. X
CUSHION Cushion A cushion is a liquid formula housed in a sponge-like cushion. X
EMULSION Emulsion An emulsion is a mixture of two or more liquids that are normally immiscible (unmixable or unblendable). X
FLAKES Flakes Flakes are designed to dissolve in water or by hot air that enables the product abilities to be performed. Examples: bathing soaps, several soaps used in washing machines. X
GAS_GASEOUS Gas/Gaseous A substance without a constant volume which evaporates after leaving its container. Examples are air fresheners. X
GEL Gel This term is used to describe gel, which is a colloid in which solids are dispersed in a liquid medium. X
GRANULES Granules A small compact particle of a substance. X
GUM_PUTTY Gum/putty Gum/Putty is a material with high plasticity, similar in texture to clay or dough. X
IMPREGNATED_PAD Impregnated pad A pad that is impregnated with a substance that provides the function the product produces. X
INTERFOLDED_SHEET Interfolded sheet A sheet is interfolded with the proceeding sheet so that it can dispense easily for the consumer. X
LIQUID Liquid A substance that flows freely but is of constant volume. X
LOTION Lotion A liquid multi-ingredient topical application usually containing a cleansing, moisturising or astringent agent. X
MASK_ABSORB Mask-Absorb A product applied to the part of the body that is absorbed by the body. X
MASK_PEEL_OFF Mask-Peel off A product applied to the part of the body that is peeled off. X
MASK_SHEET Mask-Sheet A product applied to the part of the body that is laid on the body and removed after desired effect. X
MASK_WASH_OUT Mask-Wash out A product applied to the part of the body that can be washed away. X
MILK_COSMETICS Milk Cosmetics A cosmetic or soap product containing natural milk proteins in the form of micelles formed by the addition of calcium to an aqueous solution of casein. These micelles give the product light reflection properties analogous to those produced by the addition of a natural milk. X
MIST Mist A cloud of tiny liquid droplets suspended in the air. X
MOUSSE_FOAM Mousse/Foam An aerosol foam made of very small bubbles to apply to skin, hair, etc. X
OIL Oil A liquid preparation used on the hair or skin as a cosmetic. X
OTHER Other The value needed is not listed or is not defined within this list’s individual code values and definitions. Please send a work request into GS1 or your solution provider requesting the code you are searching for. X
PASTE Paste A thick, soft, moist substance typically produced by mixing dry ingredients with a liquid. X
PATCH Patch An adhesive patch that is placed on the body to deliver a specific dose or achieve a certain result through the skin. X
POWDER Powder Fine, dry particles produced by the grinding, crushing, or disintegration of a solid substance. X
POWDER_COMPACT_PRESSED Powder-Compact/Pressed Pressed powders are pressed into a compact: Primarily used to set liquid foundation/concealer so that the makeup lasts longer and does not move around, or rub off of your skin. X
POWDER_LOOSE Powder-Loose Loose powders are more finely milled so they contain less oils, and are typically used on oily skin types to control the oil your face develops throughout the day. X
ROLL Roll The product is rolled either on a tube or without. X
SALT Salt Salts are packed with minerals like potassium, magnesium, and calcium that can help to reduce inflammation, brighten, and even strengthen the skin. X
SERUM Serum Serums are skin care products that are designed to deliver high concentrations of specific active ingredients to the designated part of the body. X
SOAP Soap A substance used with water for washing and cleaning, made of a compound of natural oils or fats with sodium hydroxide or another strong alkali, and typically having perfume and coloring added. X
SOLID Solid Firm and stable in shape; not liquid or fluid. X
SPONGE Sponge A piece of a soft, light, porous substance originally consisting of the fibrous skeleton of an invertebrate but now usually made of synthetic material. Sponges absorb liquid and are used for washing and cleaning. X
SPRAY Spray Liquid that is blown or driven through the air in the form of tiny drops. X
STICK Stick A trade item is referred to as a "stick" if the solid item has been cut or formed in to individual strips. Even in the stick state the item is still a solid product. Specifically excludes products which may appear as a stick but are classified as strings. X
STRIP Strip A plastic or other material may be abrasive to remove or take away to create a desired effect. Made from metal or plastic, these thin strips have an abrasive side that can be used for interproximal reduction, contouring or finishing the restoration. X
TABLET Tablet A small disk or cylinder of a compressed solid substance, typically a measured amount of a medicine or drug. X
WAX Wax Any of various substances resembling the wax of bees. X
WIPE Wipe A disposable cloth treated with a cleansing agent or other function, for wiping things clean or applying the product. X
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