T4033 Duty fee tax agency code

Code valueNameDescriptionUsed in Sweden
10ODETTEOrganization for Data Exchange through Tele-Transmission in Europe (European automotive industry project).
104CH, Association Suisse code des articles, Swiss article numbering associationCH, Association Suisse code des articles, Swiss article numbering association
112US, U.S. Census BureauThe Bureau of the Census of the U.S. Dept. of Commerce.
113GS1 USOrganisation responsible for GS1 System in the USA.
116US, ANSI ASC X12American National Standards Institute ASC X12
131DE, German Bankers AssociationGerman Bankers' Association.
136GS1 UKOrganisation responsible for GS1 System in the UK.
17S.W.I.F.T.Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications s.c.
174DE, DIN (Deutsches Institut fuer Normung)German standardization institute.
182US, Standard Carrier Alpha Code (Motor)Organisation maintaining the SCAC lists and transportation operating in North America.
2CECCommission of the European Communities
200GS1 NetherlandsOrganisation responsible for GS1 System in the Netherlands.
245GS1 DenmarkOrganisation responsible for GS1 System in Denmark.
246GS1 GermanyOrganisation responsible for GS1 System in Germany.
260Ediel Nordic forumA code to identify Ediel Nordic forum, which is an organization standardizing the use of EDI between the participants in the Nordic power market.
28EDITEURCode identifying the pan European user group for the book industry as an organisation responsible for code values in the book industry.
281GS1 Belgium & LuxembourgOrganisation responsible for GS1 System in Belgium & Luxembourg.
286SE, TCOThe Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees.
294GS1 AustriaOrganisation responsible for the GS1 System in Austria.
298GS1 SpainOrganisation responsible for the GS1 System in Spain.
3IATAInternational Air Transport Association
316GS1 FinlandOrganisation responsible for the GS1 system in Finland.
317GS1 BrazilOrganisation responsible for the GS1 system in Brazil.
324GS1 IrelandOrganisation responsible for the GS1 system in Ireland.
325GS1 RussiaOrganisation responsible for the GS1 system in Russia.
326GS1 PolandOrganisation responsible for the GS1 system in Poland.
327GS1 EstoniaOrganisation responsible for the GS1 system in Estonia
376PANTONEColor code controlling organisation
5ISOInternational Organization for Standardization
6UN/ECEUnited Nations - Economic Commission for Europe
60Assigned by national trade agencyThe code list is from a national agency
65GS1 FranceOrganisation responsible for GS1 System in France.
68GS1 ItalyOrganisation responsible for GS1 System in Italy.
7CEFICConseil Europeen des Federations de l'Industrie Chimique
8EDIFICEEDI Forum for companies with Interest in Computing and Electronics (EDI project for EDP/ADP sector).
83US, National Retail FederationThe National Retail Federation is the trade association for the general merchandise retailing industry. In addition to providing support and education services, they also maintain and publish standard colour and size codes for the retail industry.
84DE, BRDGesetzgeber der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. German legislature.
86Assigned by party originating the messageCodes assigned by the originating party of the message.
87Assigned by carrierCodes assigned by the carrier.
88Assigned by owner of operationAssigned by owner of operation (e.g. used in construction)
89Assigned by distributorCodes assigned by a distributor.
9GS1GS1 International
90Assigned by manufacturerCode assigned by the manufacturer.
91Assigned by supplier or supplier's agentCode assigned by the supplier or supplier's agent.
92Assigned by buyer or buyer's agentCodes assigned by a buyer or buyer's agent.
9SEGS1 SwedenGS1 SwedenX
ATOAustralian Tax OfficeAustralian Tax Office (GS1 Code)
CENComite European de Normalisation (GS1 Code)Comite European de Normalisation.
IRDNew Zealand Inland Revenue DepartmentNew Zealand Inland Revenue Department
LEVLevys collected from various organizations.Levies collected from various organizations. (GS1 Code)
PMSPantone Matching System (GS1 Code)Pantone Matching System.
RALnot definedDE, Deutsches Institut fuer Guetesicherung und Kennzeichnung (GS1 Code)
REVCustoms Division of the Office of the Revenue CommissionersThe Customs Division of the Office of the Revenue Commissioners assigns the codes for Tobacco and Alcohol (GS1 Code)
TGAAU, Therapeutic Goods Administration (GS1 Code)Australian administration responsible for the regulation of therapeutic goods in Australia.
X5IT, Ufficio IVA (GS1 Code)Ufficio responsabile gestione partite IVA, Italy (Italian Institute issuing VAT registration numbers).
X6Assigned by logistics service provider (GS1 Code)Codes assigned by the logistics service provider.
X_FMFrench Agency TaxAgency that defined, under the French Ministry of Economy and Finances, a specific code list for VAT to be used with public organisation (such as public hospitals). French Ministry of Economy and Finances (Loi 2014-1 du 02/01/2014 - CHORUS).
ZZZMutually definedA code assigned within a code list to be used on an interim basis and as defined among trading partners until a precise code can be assigned to the code list.