T4010 Trade item unit descriptor code

Code valueNameDescriptionUsed in Sweden
DISPLAY_SHIPPERDisplay ShipperA display, a shipper. May have a “PL” parent. May have (CA or EA) children in multiple instances. It may be Orderable and can be a Consumer Unit.
MIXED_MODULEMixed ModuleA unit load that is a “display ready pallet” that may contain a single GTIN or several unique GTINs that is intended to go directly to the selling floor."
BASE_UNIT_OR_EACHBase Unit or EachThe lowest level of the item hierarchy intended or labeled for individual resale.X
CASECaseA standard trade item shipping unit that contains a single or multiple GTINs. Includes an ½ or ¼ pallet and an ½ or ¼ box pallet.X
PACK_OR_INNER_PACKPack or Inner PackA logistical unit between case and each. This may be a consumable innerpack (i.e. Carton of Cigarettes) or it may be simply a logistical pack (i.e. Dozes of toothbrushes).
PALLETPalletA unit load that contains a single or multiple GTINs Includes box palletX
TRANSPORT_LOADTransport LoadTrade item above the pallet level used for transporting trade items. For example truck load, container, rail car, ship, etc.