T3826 Trade item feature code reference

Code valueNameDescriptionUsed in Sweden
AC_DC_ADAPTERA power supply that is built into a plug and is not built into the unit it is powering.
ADDITIONAL_ATTACHMENTSAdditional AttachmentsIndicates whether a product comes with separate accessories for example a shower hose sold with a shower head.
ANIMATEDAnimatedThe trade item having the appearance of something alive, animated in anyway.
ANTIQUEAntiqueIs item old and considered to be an antique? This varies by different qualifications depending on market and item what is considered an antique.
ANTISLIP_PROPERTYAnti-slip PropertyIndicates whether the product has got anti-slip properties or is slip-resistant for example the floor of a drain whirlpool tub or right drain soaking tub.
ASPECT_RATIO_CONTROLA feature providing the means to set different viewing window sizes for a television.
AUTO_CHANNEL_SETUPA feature which automatically sets up all channels available and tunes the television channels at the touch of a button.
AUTOMATIC_SAFETY_SWITCHAutomatic safety switchIndicates whether a product has got a automatic safety switch or automatic shut-off that prevents unintended or unsupervised use of e.g. an oven.
BUILT_IN_ALARM_CLOCKA clock that is designed to make a loud sound at a specific time and is built into the unit.
CENTRE_CHANNEL_CAPABLEA fifth speaker output for replication of crisp and clear sound.
CERAMIC_COOKTOP_SAFECeramic Cooktop SafeIndicates that a product is suitable for ceramic cooktop hob or stove. A ceramic cooktop consists of a low-expansion thermal glass-ceramic that is transparent to infrared, which houses halogen heaters below it.
CHILD_LOCK_SOFTWARESoftware security used to prevent unwanted tampering with feature settings.
CLIP_ONClip onDesigned to attach by means of a clip.
COATED_WIRECoated WireIndicates that the wire is coated with a plastic, vinyl or other sleeve-like protection.
COLLECTIBLE_MEMORABILIACollectible or MemorabiliaThe trade item considered collectible by consumer or evokes memories to the end consumer
COLOUREDColouredIndicates that a product is coloured.
COMMON_INTERFACE_MODULEAn extensible digital interconnect found in digital Televisions. This feature enables the viewing of pay channels without the need for cable box or set top boxes.
COMPUTER_PROGRAMMABLEComputer ProgrammableIndicates that a product is computer enabled to be programmed by a consumer (non-manual).
CORDLESSCordlessThe product does not require a cord. Examples of cordless products are phones, battery-powered drills.X
CORNER_ELEMENTCorner ElementIndicates that a product is a corner element.
COVERCoverIndicates whether a product has a cover included, for example garden furniture that comes with a PVC cover.
CUSTOMER_CUTTABLECustomer CuttableIndicates whether the product can be easily cut for custom use for example foam.
DATALOGGINGDataloggingIndicates that a product has digital recording capabilities for example a Datalogging Sound Level Meter, Digital Multimeter Meter, Digital Temperature Meter.
DECORATEDDecoratedIndicates whether the product is delivered with decoration for example a pre-lit pine flocked artificial Christmas tree with white incandescent lights.
DIGITAL_CABLE_READYThe ability to project digital cable with the use of a separate tuner.
DIMMABLEDimmableIt covers both, switches that change the electric power output as well as lamps that are capable of emitting light at varying degrees of brightness.X
DISHWASHER_SAFEDishwasher SafeIndicates that a product is suitable for dishwasher.X
DVBC_CABLE_READYThe ability to project DVB-C cable with the use of a separate tuner. DVB-C stands for Digital Video Broadcasting.
ELASTIC_FLEXIBLEElastic or FlexibleIndicates whether a product is elastic or flexible for example a shower hose.
ELECTRONIC_SAFETY_FEATURESElectronic Safety FeaturesIndicates whether a product has got electronic safety features or system.
ELECTRIC_STOVE_SAFEElectric Stove SafeIndicates that a product is suitable and safe to use for an electric stove.
ENDURANCE_BURNINGEndurance BurningSpecifies whether a furnace/oven has a slow-burning feature. For example a closed heating device where the amount of air entering the fire box is controlled to slow down combustion.
ENERGY_SAVINGEnergy SavingIndicates that a product saves energy for example an energy saving LED desk lamp or Energy Star window air conditioner.
ENGRAVEDEngravedThe item has been engraved or etched with a logo, monogram, or other image.
ESTATE_BOTTLEDEstate BottledMeans that the winery listed on the label owns or controls 100 percent of the grapes that went into the bottle, and the wine was crushed, fermented, finished, aged and bottled all in the same place, and that place has to be located in the same viticultural area.
EXTERIOR_POCKETSExterior PocketsThe trade item contains pockets on the exterior or outside of the item.
EXTRACTABLE_SHOWERExtractable ShowerIndicates that a product has an extractable shower.
EXTREMELY_CLEANExtremely CleanThe package is physically marked as extremely clean which slightly lower level of cleanness than sterile is. This means that it is free from bacteria and other microorganisms to a level defined as extremely clean by the appropriate authorities of the target market.X
FACTORY_FINISHEDFactory FinishedIndicates whether a product has been factory finished and does not require any after treatment.
FAST_CURINGFast CuringIndicates whether the product is a fast curing one for example adhesives, mortar or concrete.
FILTER_SYSTEMFilter SystemIndicates whether a product is supplied with a filter system for example a water dispenser with water filtration system.
FIRE_RESISTANTFire ResistantTreated so as to be non-flammable.
FLEXIBLE_HEADFlexible HeadIndicates whether a product has got a flexible head for example water tap.
FLICKER_FREEA feature that increases the frequency of which the picture refreshes measured in hertz (50 to 200Hz) Flicker-free technology noticeably improves viewing quality.
FLIGHT_APPROVEDFlight ApprovedThe item is approved to be safe for travel by authorities that control flight security like in the US the TSA.
FOG_RESTISTANTFog RestistantThe item is designed to resist fogging or condensation.
FOLDABLEFoldableWhether the trade item, device or appliance is foldable, collapsible or not. Example Ironing board.
FRAME_GROUNDEDFrame GroundedIndicates whether the product is grounded by frame for example a plug socket.
FRAMEDFramedIndicates whether the product is framed (e.g. mirror).
FREEZER_SAFEFreezer SafeIndicates that the product is suitable for using in a freezer. E.g. the product is a plastic box in which a consumer can freeze food.
FRETTEDFrettedA fret is a raised element on the neck of a stringed instrument.
FROST_RESISTANTFrost ResistantResistant to frost and can thus be used outside.
GAS_COOKTOP_SAFEGas Cooktop SafeIndicates that a product is suitable to use for gas cooktop hob or stove.
GEARBOX_HOUSING_ALUMINIUMGearbox Housing From AluminiumIndicates whether a gearbox housing is made from aluminium.
GLAZEDGlazedIndicates that a product is glazed for e.g. Glazed Polished Tiles, Glazed Brown bricks.
GROUND_SLEEVESGround SleevesIndicates whether a product is delivered with ground sleeves for example small goals with ground sleeve.
GROUNDEDGroundedIndicates that a product is electrically grounded for example a 3-Wire 16-Gauge Grounded Indoor/Outdoor Extension Cord, Outdoor Plug-In Mechanical Timer with 2 Grounded Outlets, 6-Outlet Grounded Power Strip.
HAND_WASH_ONLYHand wash onlyProduct is meant to be washed by hand only.
HARD_SIDEDHard-sidedThe construction of the exterior or the sides of the item are rigid or hard as opposed to being soft (fabric).
HEAT_RESISTANTHeat ResistantIndicates that a product is heat resistant.X
HEATEDHeatedIndicates whether the product has got a possibility to heat (e.g. heated toilet seat).
HEIGHT_ADJUSTABLEHeight AdjustableIndicates that a product is adjustable in height for e.g. a Electric Height Adjustable Desks, Height Adjustable A/V Steel Cart .
HIGH_DEFINITION_COPY_PROTECTIONHigh Definition Copy Protection (HDCP) is a chip that descrambles a High Definition (HD) broadcast to allow one to watch HD broadcasts.
HIGH_DEFINITION_READYThe ability to receive a High Definition signal. The Television can show the required screen resolution and have the necessary connections to be able to show High Definition content.
HR_PLUS_GLASSHR Plus GlassIndicates whether the insulation of the glass is HR+.
HR_PLUS_PLUS_GLASSHR Plus Plus GlassIndicates whether the insulation of the glass is HR++.
HR_PLUS_PLUS_PLUS_GLASSHR Plus Plus Plus GlassIndicates whether the insulation of the glass is HR+++.
HUMIDITY_RESISTANTHumidity ResistantIndicates whether a product is humidity resistant or moisture proof for example moisture resistant medium-density fibreboard (MDF).
HYDRAULICHydraulicIndicates that a product is hydraulic for e.g. a 2-Ton Hydraulic Trolley Jack, Timber Champ 7-Ton Electric Log Splitter, Hydraulic Bottle Jack.
INDUCTION_COOKTOP_SAFEInduction Cooktop SafeIndicates that a product is suitable for induction hob or stove cooktop. In an induction cooktop a coil of copper wire is placed under the cooking pot and an alternating electric current is passed through it. The resulting oscillating magnetic field induces an electrical current in the pot.
INFLATABLEInflatableIndicates that a product is inflatable for example an Inflatable Round Kiddie Pool.
INSTRUMENTS_READABLE_FROM_MULTIPLE_SIDESInstruments readable from multiple sidesIndicates whether the instruments of the product are readable from multiple sides.
INSTRUMENTS_READABLE_FROM_TWO_SIDESInstruments readable from two sidesIndicates whether the instruments of the product are readable from two sides.
INSULATEDInsulatedIndicates that a product is insulated to protect against environmental factors such as cold, heat, etc.
INTERCONNECTABLEInterconnectableIndicates whether the product can be connected with other products for example lamps or smoke detectors.
IRON_COOKTOP_SAFEIron Cooktop SafeIndicates that a product is suitable for iron cooktop hob or stove.
LADDER_INCLUDEDLadder IncludedIndicates whether a product is delivered with a ladder.
LAMP_EQUIPPEDLamp EquippedIndicates whether a product is delivered with lamps/bulbs/illuminants.
LIGHT_SOURCE_ATTACHEDLight Source AttachedIndicates whether a light source is attached to the product.
LIGHT_SOURCE_BUILT_INLight Source Built InIndicates whether the product has got a light source built in (e.g. mirror).
LIGHTING_DIMMER_SWITCHLighting Dimmer SwitchIndicates whether a product has got a lighting dimmer switch.
LIGHTWEIGHT_CONSTRUCTIONLightweight ConstructionIndicates that a product is a lightweight construction use of lighter or smaller sized materials for e.g. a Lightweight climbing painted h frame scaffolding for construction.
LINEDLinedIndicates that a product is lined with a material for e.g. lined steel pipes.
LOCKABLELockableIndicates that a product is lockable for example Chrome Plated Showcase Window Key Lock, Sliding Door Outside Pull with Key, Rolling Stacking Portable Metal Trolley Tool Box.
MACHINE_WASHABLEMachine WashableIndicates whether a product is washable in a washing-machine.X
MAGNETICMagneticThe trade item has a magnetic ability to attach to other items.
MAGNETIC_CLOSUREMagnetic ClosureIndicates that a product has magnetic mechanism to shut or close.
MEMORY_CARD_READERA computer peripheral that is used to transfer the content of a memory card without the use of another device.
MICROWAVE_SAFEMicrowave SafeIndicates that the product is safe to use in a microwave oven. E.g. the consumer can put a microwave safe plate in a microwave to heat food.X
MOUNTED_FLANGEMounted FlangeIndicates that a flange is mounted on the trade item. A flange is a part for sealing.
NIGHT_VISIONNight visionDenotes devices that enhance night-time vision.
NOISE_CANCELLINGNoise CancellingActive noise control (ANC), also known as noise cancellation, or active noise reduction (ANR), is a method for reducing unwanted sound by the addition of a second sound specifically designed to cancel the first.
NUT_MOUNTNut MountIndicates whether a product for example a vice has a nut mount to attach it to a workbench.
OIL_FREEOil FreeIndicates whether the product is oil free, to eliminates the need for maintenance for example a Compressor.
ON_SCREEN_CLOCKA clock visible on the screen.
ON_SCREEN_MENUInteractive menus that come up when changing television set-up options such as brightness and contrast.
OPENS_FROM_BOTH_SIDESOpens from both sidesIndicates whether the product can be mounted for right or left opening for example a door.
OPENS_FROM_LEFT_SIDEOpens from left sideIndicates whether the product can be mounted for left opening only for example a door.
OPENS_FROM_RIGHT_SIDEOpens from right sideIndicates whether the product can be mounted for right opening only for example a door.
OVENOvenIndicates whether a product is supplied with an oven.
OVEN_SAFEOven SafeIndicates that a product is safe and suitable to use in an oven.
OVERRUN_BRAKEOverrun BrakeIndicates that a product has a overrun brake for e.g. a trailer for a boat has a baking mechanism to stop the trailer from hitting a vehicle.
PADDEDPaddedIndicates that a product is padded is added material to protect or shape the trade item for e.g. a padded chair.
PARENTAL_CONTROLSOptions that allow parents to monitor or limit what a child can see or do and/or time-limit these activities.
PARFOCAL_LENSParfocal lensA parfocal lens is a lens that stays in focus when magnification/focal length is changed.
PEDESTAL_STAIRCASEPedestal StaircaseSpecifies whether the stairs has (a right angle) on a pedestal.
PERMEABLEPermeableIndicates that a product is permeable for e.g. permeable flooring, parquet, laminate, tiling.
PERSONALIZABLEPersonalizableThe item is can be personalized by the customer.
PICTURE_ENHANCEMENTA brand owner enhancement to the picture quality which may be created by hardware, or software, or both.
PICTURE_VIEWING_CAPABILITYThe ability to view digital photographs via a digital card reader.
PIN_GROUNDEDPin GroundedIndicates whether the product is grounded by pin for example a plug with a hole for a ground pin as well as the tabs on the side.
POLISHEDPolishedIndicates that a product can be used for polishing, for example Polished Aluminium Wheel Cleaner, Polished Granite Cleaner and Resealer, Hard-Surface and Polished Concrete Concentrated Cleaner.
PORTABLEPortableWhether the trade item is capable of being travel enabled or easily portable to various locations.
POWER_SAVINGPower SavingIndicates whether a product saves power/energy.
PREPROGRAMMABLEPreprogrammableIndicates whether the product can be pre-programmed for example a programmable thermostat.
PROTECTIVE_LAYERProtective LayerIndicates whether the product has got a protective layer for example a bike tire with special layer in case of breakdown.
PUMP_INCLUDEDPump IncludedThe trade item includes a pump for inflation.
QUADRATURE_AMPLITUDE_MODULATIONQuadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) enables direct reception of digital cable channels without the use of a set top box.
RAILINGRailingIndicates whether the product has got a railing, for e.g. a Handrail, Stair Rail.
READY_PAINTEDReady PaintedIndicates whether a product is sold ready painted.
RECHARGABLE_BATTERYRechargeable BatteryIndicates whether the product is equipped with a rechargeable battery.
RED_EYE_REDUCTIONRed Eye ReductionThe item has red-eye reduction capabilities. The red-eye effect in photography is the common appearance of red pupils in colour photographs of eyes. It occurs when using a photographic flash very close to the camera lens (as with most compact cameras), in ambient low light. The effect appears in the eyes of humans and animals that have tapetum lucidum.
REMOVABLE_COVERRemovable CoverThe item has a cover which can be removed. Such as an umbrella sometimes comes with a cover/pouch for storage, or a plastic storage container with a lid.
REMOVABLE_FLASHRemovable FlashThe flash is removable from the trade item
REPLACEABLE_BATTERYBattery ReplacementIndicates whether a rechargeable battery in a product can be replaced e.g. in case of a Cordless Drywall Screwdriver.
RETRACTABLE_CORDRetractable CordIndicates that the part of the item can be withdrawn into a holder or trade item, as in a cord or leash.
RFID_BLOCKINGRFID BlockingThe item is constructed in a way to prevent Radio Frequency Identification devices from penetrating through the item. This ensures that RFID embedded items inside can not be read through the item.
RISERSRisersIndicates whether the product has risers (e.g. stairs with steps and risers that fit into).
ROTATABLERotatableIndicates whether a product is rotatable (able to be turned around on an axis).
ROTATION_STOP_TURNING_STOPRotation or Turning StopIndicates whether the product has got a rotation stop or an activated turning stop for example a drill hammer with SDS-plus admission.
SAFE_FOR_FOOD_USESafe For Food UseIndicates that a product is suitable for food use. User can use the item for food preservation.
SAFETY_FACILITIESSafety FacilitiesIndicates whether the product has got safety facilities for example guards on a grinder or safety features on gas installations.
SAW_BLADE_REPLACEMENTSaw Blade ReplacementIndicates whether a saw blade can be replaced for example a reciprocating saw with a removable blade.
SCRATCH_RESISTANTScratch ResistantThe trade item's material is strong enough to prevent scratches under certain conditions.
SELF_LEVELLINGSelf-levellingIndicates whether the product has got a functionality for self levelling for e.g. a self-levelling underlayment. Self levelling products have high flow characteristics and do not require the addition of excessive amounts of water for placement.
SELF_TIMER_MECHANISMSelf Timer MechanismThe trade item has a self timing mechanism, meaning trade item can operate independently for a set period of time.
SHOCK_ABSORBINGShock absorbingIndicates whether the product is shock absorbing at the ends or in general for example a handle axe with shock reduction grip.
SHORT_TIME_BURNINGShort Time BurningIndicates whether a furnace/oven is suitable for short-time burning.
SIMULTANEOUS_PICTURE_TELETEXTThe ability to view teletext while still watching the picture (subtitled or captioned). Teletext is a television information retrieval service.
SINGLE_LEVEL_MIXERSingle level mixerIndicates whether a water, shower or bath tap is a single lever mixer and can be used with one hand.
SMALL_PARTS_HOLDERSmall Parts HolderIndicates whether a product is supplied with a holder for small parts such as tool bits.
SOFT_CLOSE_MECHANISMSoft Close MechanismIndicates that a product has a soft closing mechanism for .e.g. toilet seat, garbage cans, dressers.
SOUND_LEVELLING_CAPABILITYSound levelling reduces the spikes in sound levels during programming typically from commercials.
SPINNER_WHEELSSpinner WheelsThe trade item has free spinning/turning wheels which allow it to be rolled in any direction.
SPRAY_WATER_PROOFSpray Water ProofIndicates whether the product is water proof from spray water for example having an IP4 code (Water splashing against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effect). Waterproof Digital Solar Powered Hose End Timer.
SPRAYABLESprayableIndicates whether the product can be sprayed for example an MS-Polymer multi-texture sealer.
STERILESterileThe package is physically marked as sterile, which is the highest level of cleanness. This means that it is free from bacteria and other microorganisms to a level defined as sterile by the appropriate authorities of the target market.X
STRAIGHTStraightIndicates that the product is a straight model with no turns for example a straight staircase.
SUSPENSION_DEVICESuspension DeviceIndicates that a product has a suspension device to mount the trade item to wall.
SWIVEL_CONNECTORSwivel ConnectorIndicates whether a product (e.g. shower hose or cable) has got a swivel connector to prevent hose or cable twisting.
SWIVEL_HEADSwivel HeadIndicates whether the product has a head which can be pivoted or swivelled (e.g. head of a bath tap).
TEAR_RESISTANTTear ResistantThe trade item material is strong enough to prevent tear under certain conditions.
TEMPERATURE_LIMITERTemperature LimiterIndicates whether the product has got a temperature limiter (e.g. water tap).
THERMAL_INSULATINGThermal InsulatingIndicates whether the product is thermally insulating for example a foam pipe insulation.
THERMAL_PROTECTEDThermal ProtectedIndicates whether the has got a thermal protection. This means, when overheating, the product will be switched off by its control unit.
TOOLS_INCLUDEDTools IncludedIndicates whether the product is supplied with tools.
TOUCH_SCREENTouch ScreenIndicates whether the product is equipped with a touch screen display.
TWIST_ON_ANCHOR_BRACKETTwist On Anchor BracketIndicates whether the product is delivered with twist-on anchor bracket.
USABLE_IN_DAMP_ROOMSusable In Damp RoomsIndicates whether the product can due to the humidity resistance be used or installed in damp rooms (e.g. bathroom).
WASHABLEWashableIndicates whether a product is washable.
WATER_RESISTANTWater ResistantThe item is designed to resist and entirely prevent the penetration of water.
WATERPROOFWaterproofItem is designed to resist and entirely prevent the penetration of water.
WEATHER_PROTECTIONWeather ProtectionIndicates whether a product is delivered with a weather protection for example a Twist and Seal Cord Dome.
WHEELSWheelsIndicates that an item has wheels and can be rolled.
WIFI_ENABLEDWIFI EnabledIndicates whether the product can be connected with Wi-Fi.
WOK_BURNERWok BurnerSpecifies whether a product for example a cooktop/cooking zone has a separate wok burner.
XVYCC_COLOR_GAMUT_TECHNOLOGYAn expanded version of the YCC color gamut, with 1.8-times more reds, greens, and blues of sRGB color. It is often made synonymous with Deep Color, which is an increased bit depth.