T3748 Application identifier type code

Code value Name Description Used in Sweden
10 Batch Number Batch Number X
11 Production Date The date when a product is produced.
13 Packaging Date (YYMMDD) The packaging date is the date when the goods were packed as determined by the packager. The date may refer to the trade item itself or to items contained.
15 Best Before Date Best Before Date X
16 Sell By Date (YYMMDD) Indicates the date specified by the manufacturer as the last date the retailer is to offer the product for sale to the consumer. The product should not be merchandised after this date.
17 Expiry Date Expiry Date X
21 Serial number The GS1 Application Identifier (21) indicates that the GS1 Application Identifier data field contains a serial number. X
310N Net Weight in kilograms where 'n' indicates the number of decimals X
320n Net weight, pounds (variable measure trade item) Net Weight in hundredths of a pound, should be used when the product is variable in weight.
395N Amount payable per unit of measure single monetary area (variable measure trade item) The amount payable per unit of measure single monetary area (variable measure trade item). The price per unit of measure to be paid for the variable measure trade item and where 'n' indicates the number of decimals. X
8003 Global Returnable Asset Identifier (GRAI) Global Returnable Asset Identifier
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