T2279 Logistic unit type

International code list for logistic units and packages

TThe international code list UN/ECE: Rec No. 21 (.xls) contains codes for logistic units and packages. Code list T2279 consists of a subset of the Rec No. 21 codes with the addition of temporary codes for logistic units and package types not yet comprised by Rec No. 21. The temporary codes start with the letter Z.

Code value Förpackningstyp Description Tomvikt (g) Maxhöjd (mm) Platform height (mm)
202 Sea pallet Sea pallet 30000 1250 150
203 1/4 pallet Pallet 600 x 400 mm
BA Barrel A container with slightly bulging sides and flat ends.
BJ Bucket A container with a handle, used for carrying water, mayonnaise, etc.
BX Box/Crate A lidded package which can be made of cardboard, wood, plastic, tin, etc.
CA Can A rectangular container, usually with a screw lid.
CR Crate Reusable case with high sides.
CW Cage, roll Cage with bars on two or three sides. With wheels. 30000 1580
MC Crate, dairy A crate specifically used for dairy products.
NE Not packed Not packed
PA Packet A small box
PB Collared pallet Full pallet with a hard collar.
PE Full pallet Full size pallet. Measurements and quality according to EUR standard. 25000 1250 150
PX Full pallet, disposable Low quality pallet. Not for multiple use.
SA Sack A large bag of coarse material, such as fabric, paper or plastic.
SK Case, skeleton Pallet with barred sides 1250 150
TY Pressurized container (e.g. LPG or CO2) A metal container suitable for gases. (LPG or carbon dioxide)
UTE Plastic bag A bag made of plastic.
UVI Cardboard case pallet A cardboard case with a pallet base. 1250 150
Z01 Full size crate 167 black Full size crate 60x40 black, Svenska Retursystem
Z02 Full size crate 50/80 red Full size crate 50x80 red, Svenska Retursystem
Z03 Half-size crate 165 black Half-size crate 165 black, Svenska Retursystem
Z1 Half pallet Half pallet according to ISO-0 standard (600 x 800 mm) 13000 1250 150
Z10 Half-size crate 50/80 blue Half-size crate 50x80 blue, Svenska Retursystem
Z11 Full size crate 110/140 green Full size crate 110x140 green, Svenska Retursystem
Z18 Slit box Box that is closed by folding lids together (traditional box).
Z26 CHEP half pallet Half pallet within the CHEP system. 11000 1250 150
Z28 Half-size crate 120 red Half-size crate 120 red, Svenska Retursystem
Z33 1/3 pallet Pallet 400 x 800 mm
Z35 CHEP full pallet Full pallet within the CHEP-system 25000 1250 150
Z36 Roll cage, dairy, high Roll cage especially designed for dairy products, high (1225 mm) 37000 1225
Z37 Roll cage, dairy, low Roll cage especially designed for dairy products, low (1018 mm) 38000 1018
Z38 Dolly, half pallet Low cart with wheels. Half pallet size. 1250
Z39 Egg container Container for eggs. 30000 1580
Z40 Plant container Container for plants. 1950
Z41 Potato container Container for potatoes. 30000 1580
Z43 Swine container Roll cage with special equipment for hanging whole and half swines 30000 1600
Z44 CHEP sea pallet Large pallet within the CHEP system 30000 1250 150
Z50 Half pallet, disposable Low quality half size pallet (600 x 800 mm). Not for multiple use.
Z51 Full size pallet gray Full size pallet gray, Svenska Retursystem
Z52 LPR full pallet Full size pallet, LPR system
Z53 LPR half pallet Half size pallet, LPR system
Z54 Half size pallet black 7,6 kg Half size pallet black 7,6 kg, Svenska Retursystem
Z55 Half size pallet black 8,4 kg Half size pallet black 8,4 kg, Svenska Retursystem
Z56 Half size pallet black 10,5 kg Half size pallet black 10,5 kg, Svenska Retursystem
Z57 Half size pallet black 11,2 kg Half size pallet black 11,2 kg, Svenska Retursystem
Z58 Half size brewery pallet black Half size brewery pallet black, Svenska Retursystem
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