T0142 Packaging marks

This code list applies to ESAP 6.

Last updated: 2018-05-04

Code value Name Description Used in Sweden
Z01 Good eco-choice/Falcon X
Z02 Nordic swan X
Z03 EU Ecolabel X
Z05 Keyhole X
Z06 Sugar free X
Z07 Lactose reduced X
Z08 Gluten free X
Z09 Lactose free X
Z10 Milk protein free X
Z11 Soya free X
Z12 Egg free X
Z15 Fair Trade X
Z16 Batch number barcoded on package X
Z17 Recommended by Asthmatics & Allergics Association X
Z18 GMO marked X
Z19 Without sugar X
Z20 Without sweetener X
Z21 Lean, light, low sugar X
Z22 Milk free X
Z23 Legume protein free X
Z24 Protein reduced X
Z25 Diet product 450-800 kcal/d X
Z26 Mother’s milk substitute X
Z27 Diet supplement X
Z28 Approved by SNFA: sondkost X
Z29 Diet product 800-1200 kcal/d X
Z30 EAN pallet label X
Z31 SSCC only X
Z32 Other marking X
Z33 Label for store packed X
Z34 Natural gluten free X
Z35 Laktase enzyme X
Z36 Protein free X
Z37 Low on fenylanaline X
Z38 EU eco-label X
Z39 Free from fish X
Z40 MSC marked fish X
Z41 Sterile (health care items) X
Z42 High grade clean (health care items) X
Z43 Free from PVC (health care items) X
Z44 Contains PVC, phthalate content unspecified (health care items) X
Z45 Contains PVC, without phthalates (health care items) X
Z46 Contains PVC, with phthalates (health care items) X
Z47 Free from latex (health care items) X
Z48 Contains latex (health care items) X
Z49 Rainforest Alliance certified X
Z50 Swedish Seal of Quality X
Z51 FSC, Forest Stewardship Council X
Z55 Food Contact Materials X
Z56 Very low amount of gluten X
Z60 PEFC, Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification X
Z61 Blue angel protects climate X
Z62 Blue angel protects water X
Z63 Blue angel protects resources X
Z64 Blue angel protects environment and health X
Z66 GOTS, Global Organic Textile Standard X
Z67 ASC, The Aquaculture Stewardship Council X
Z68 UTZ Certified X
Z69 TCO Development X
Z70 Ecocert Cosmos Natural X
Z71 Ecocert Cosmos Organic X
Z72 Swedish bird X
Z73 From Sweden X
Z74 Meat from Sweden X
Z75 Milk from Sweden X
Z76 Toxic-free preschool. Meets the requirements of The National Agency for Public Procurement. X
Z99 No marks X
BDM Best-before date barcoded on package X
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