T0142 Packaging marks

This code list applies to ESAP 6.

Code valueNameDescriptionUsed in Sweden
Z01Good eco-choice/FalconX
Z02Nordic swanX
Z03EU EcolabelX
Z06Sugar freeX
Z07Lactose reducedX
Z08Gluten freeX
Z09Lactose freeX
Z10Milk protein freeX
Z11Soya freeX
Z12Egg freeX
Z15Fair TradeX
Z16Batch number barcoded on packageX
Z17Recommended by Asthmatics & Allergics AssociationX
Z18GMO markedX
Z19Without sugarX
Z20Without sweetenerX
Z21Lean, light, low sugarX
Z22Milk freeX
Z23Legume protein freeX
Z24Protein reducedX
Z25Diet product 450-800 kcal/dX
Z26Mother’s milk substituteX
Z27Diet supplementX
Z28Approved by SNFA: sondkostX
Z29Diet product 800-1200 kcal/dX
Z30EAN pallet labelX
Z31SSCC onlyX
Z32Other markingX
Z33Label for store packedX
Z34Natural gluten freeX
Z35Laktase enzymeX
Z36Protein freeX
Z37Low on fenylanalineX
Z38EU eco-labelX
Z39Free from fishX
Z40MSC marked fishX
Z41Sterile (health care items)X
Z42High grade clean (health care items)X
Z43Free from PVC (health care items)X
Z44Contains PVC, phthalate content unspecified (health care items)X
Z45Contains PVC, without phthalates (health care items)X
Z46Contains PVC, with phthalates (health care items)X
Z47Free from latex (health care items)X
Z48Contains latex (health care items)X
Z49Rainforest Alliance certifiedX
Z50Swedish Seal of QualityX
Z51FSC, Forest Stewardship CouncilX
Z55Food Contact MaterialsX
Z56Very low amount of glutenX
Z60PEFC, Programme for Endorsement of Forest CertificationX
Z61Blue angel protects climateX
Z62Blue angel protects waterX
Z63Blue angel protects resourcesX
Z64Blue angel protects environment and healthX
Z66GOTS, Global Organic Textile StandardX
Z67ASC, The Aquaculture Stewardship CouncilX
Z68UTZ CertifiedX
Z69TCO DevelopmentX
Z70Ecocert Cosmos NaturalX
Z71Ecocert Cosmos OrganicX
Z72Swedish birdX
Z73From SwedenX
Z74Meat from SwedenX
Z75Milk from SwedenX
Z76Toxic-free preschool. Meets the requirements of The National Agency for Public Procurement.X
Z99No marksX
BDMBest-before date barcoded on packageX