Thanks to a uniform and global identification system of facilities and measuring points, both safety and efficiency in the electricity industry can be created. With the help of GS1 standards, cooperation between all actors is simplified.

GS1 standards in the electrical industry

Today you as a consumer of electricity can choose where you want to buy your electricity, but still get it distributed by your local electricity network supplier. This requires that electricity companies can cooperate effectively in switching suppliers – and that is why the electricity industry, using GS1 standards, has created standardized identification systems.

Unique identities for electricity meters, plants and measuring points simplify cooperation between suppliers, and the processes can be streamlined. Since the meter readings on electricity plants is read and data and consumption are stored in one and the same system, it is important that the plants don’t get mixed up. GS1 standards simplify communication and facilitate collaboration between electricity companies. Then mix-ups also can be more easily avoided.

In addition, the identification system allows suppliers to store additional information, such as customer data, in one and the same database – and then connect the information to the plant identity. Other parts that are streamlined are the handling of invoices, where GS1 Sweden together with the users have developed a business process for periodic invoicing.

Standards in use

In Sweden, GIAI (Global Individual Asset Identifier) is used to identify electricity meters and GSRN (Global Service Relation Number) to identify electrical plants. Both electricity meters and electrical installations are marked with GS1-128 with application identifiers for GIAI and GSRN .

Participate in and influence the development of GS1 standards

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