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We have made updates and improvements in My Products. Among other things, it will now be possible for you who have single numbers to register this in the web service and you who use Validoo can now see your public items in My Products as well. Below we have listed all the news and improvements:

Enter unit for net content in free text

If you do not find the right unit among the default for your product, you can now use the free text field instead. Keep in mind that if you only use free text for unit, the product will not be able to be synced to the GS1 Registry Platform and thus will not be searchable for any of your retailers.

Register products and generate numbers based on Single numbers

If you have a subscription to Single numbers, you can now register this in My Products. You can also generate numbers with the correct check digit through the Generate Number function.

Public trade items in Validoo can be seen under My Products

Information about your public trade items in Validoo is now automatically sent to My Products. From there, the information is shared to the GS1 Registry Platform. As a Validoo user, you can only view the information in My Products. If you want to make changes, make them as usual via your input system.

Status “Draft” is replaced by “Allocated”

You will now need to fill in more fields when importing products from Excel. This means that the quality of the information contained in My Products is increased at the same time as the function Generate numbers becomes more accurate, as it will not export numbers that are already in My Products regardless of the degree of filling.

Log in to My Products and take a closer look at the improvements >

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