News in the latest standard update of GDSN

On 19 November, a standard update of the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) will take place. The version change to GDSN 3.1.21 brings 10 new terms and changes to code values that will benefit suppliers, brand owners and others in the beauty and construction industries. As well as all companies and industries that want to be at the forefront of the introduction of 2D barcodes.

Detailed information on skin and hair products

The update allows brand owners to provide more detailed information about their skin and hair care products. Information that can then also be used online, for example, to provide consumers with clearer and more structured product information. The terms have been requested by the beauty industry and are part of the development of the standard to support the business needs of this category of products.

– T4350 Hair type, code
– T4348 Skin type, code

Global Model Number (GMN)

The update adds terms to specify a global product model number through the Global Model Number, a functionality requested by the construction industry. The Global Model Number is a GS1 model number used to identify a product model or product family. With Global Model Number, you can uniquely identify a product model through the products entire life cycle from design to production, procurement, use, maintenance, and removal. It allows for grouping of products even before the actual physical product exists.

New codes for data carriers

New codes for data carriers are included in update 3.1.21. Companies that want to be at the forefront of the introduction of 2D barcodes and those that have this type of labelling on their products can communicate this through their trade item information. The code list for data carriers is extended with codes for Data Matrix with GS1 Digital Link and QR code with GS1 Digital Link.

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For more specifics on the update and code lists affected, please see the GS1 Trade Item Information Guide.
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