Global focus in the latest update of Validoo

On May 21, Validoo will be adapted to the latest standard release of GDSN (Global Data Synchronization Network) and GS1 Trade Item Information.

At the beginning of 2022, GS1 Sweden became compatible with the GS1 Global Data Model – a new data model that plays an important role in data quality within GDSN and data harmonization with the rest of the world. In standard version 3.1.19, a large number of attributes and codes in GS1 Trade Item Information will be added and replaced to become more consistent with the data model that applies globally.

More sustainable quality assurance

Brand owners who quality assure trade item information at GS1 Sweden now have the opportunity to digitally quality assure data for variable weight goods. By sending a digital product sample instead of the physical packaging, you are helping to reduce food waste and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions for transport. The quality assurance will thus also be more cost-effective and sustainable for you.

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Standard update 3.1.19

Data quality and global harmonization are two major benefits in connection with the update of GDSN to version 3.1.19.

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Adjustments in Validoo DataEntry in connection with 3.1.19

The update will affect the items published in Validoo DataEntry.

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Rules for quality assurance of trade item information

In connection with updating the standard, certain rules are also affected for you who manually check your trade item information at GS1 Sweden.

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